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Come assembled. Peel-n-stick bases ensures a quick, clean and secure no-holes mount. Center foil has adjustable bow and pitch. Side wings adjust pitch, yaw and roll. Arm|Foil assembly is removable for a breezy ride. Removing bases leaves no residue should you sell the bike. System-one has single 3"x11" wing. System-two has two 3"x5" wings and System-three has one large and two small wings on a single base set. Quick-Scan™ mirrors can also be attached to base. Comes with Stealth-Trim™ to smooth and maximise boost. Available in clear, tint and black. Please note the System-1 tint is dark, System-2 tint is light and the System-3 tint uses a dark tint center wing with light tint outer wings. Money-back guarantee.

Prices starts at: $121.95