Edging & Air Deflectors

Air Management Tools

If you’re looking for a quieter, smoother and more comfortable capsule then you are at the right place with our motorcycle edging and air management accessories for sale. Mounting a taller windscreen often produces little benefit and has its own drawbacks.  Instead of bolting on a new set of problems let’s change the way the air capsule works.  We have two categories of products to do this and they are all American made.   The first changes the way the air flows over the capsule.  The two tools for this are edging-ms™  and trim-ms™.  The ms stands for Micro-Swirls™ and these little air bearings are game changers.  The second category gives the air stream a major boost.  Wing-tips™ with their large adjustable foil are professional grade and easily outperform the foreign made deflectors.  Whichever tool you choose to battle the helmet shaking, eye blurring, ear popping, gremlins our solutions produce more riding comfort.  Click here to learn the fundamentals of air management.   The Holy Grail of Air Management

Which Tool Is Needed

There are three capsule stabilizing and control systems to pick from. Each has unique features and benefits.  If you ride behind a fairing, you already know what is wrong with your capsule.

If your capsule is almost big enough but is not smooth and quiet, then pick edging-ms™ to smooth and expand your capsule.

If the aftermarket wind deflector falls short or the issue is heat along the sides, then trim-ms™ smooth the flow and helps the heat next to your legs escape.

if you need an industrial-strength boost to clear your helmet, our Wing-Tips™ tip the odds in your favor.

Click any of these products to learn more, read what our customers say and let’s send those fun stealing gremlins on their way. If you are still unsure reach out via the  contact form.