Edging & Air Deflectors

Cross town and cross country riders, make the most of every journey.

At Saeng, our motorcycle capsule stabilizing and air management accessories keep your journey quiet, comfortable, and more enjoyable. Our accessories reduce wind noise, buffeting, and helmet shake so that you can focus on the road ahead.  Click here to learn more about our wind resistant accessories  The Holy Grail of Air Management

Air Management Options

There are three capsule stabilizing and control systems to pick from. Each has unique features and benefits. If you ride behind a small shield or a full touring fairing and have a passion for riding, you already know what is wrong with your capsule. If your capsule is almost big enough but is not smooth, then Gen-4 Edging™ will both expand and smooth your capsule.

If the issue is heat along the sides, then Micro-Swirl™ trim, strategically placed, can help. Finally, if you need an industrial-strength boost to clear your helmet, our Wing-Tips™ may fit the bill. Browse our selection to see which accessories best fit your needs and feel free to reach out via our contact form.

Our Gen-4™ (Noise and Turbulence Reducing) Edging™ reduces capsule friction and turbulence to expand, smooth, and quiet your capsule. Our Micro-Swirl™ Trim is a fast, easy, peel-and-stick solution for more boost on any aftermarket wind deflector.  And our Mounted Wing-Tip™ system’s aerodynamic shape maximizes boost for greater comfort without reducing visibility.

We also have our Can-Do polish products. These aerosol cans of polish are convenient to use and leave your craft, screen, and canopy looking clean and polished.

Click on our dynamic controls for motorcycle air capsules products to learn more, and check out the customer reviews to see how these products perform in the real world. Start today on your path to greater riding comfort by purchasing today or fill out our contact form with any questions you have.