You love your bike. It’s why you spend so much time in the saddle. There are a million ways to enjoy this remarkable relationship, but cleaning road film, bugs and debris off isn’t probably high on the list. Keeping the beast clean is more than preparing for the next ride…you’re practicing a tradition that started when counting horsepower was literally the steed you rode. Your ancestors demonstrated loyalty and care each time they removed the saddle, brushed, feed and watered their faithful companion before leaving the stable.
Your iron horse has more ponies than our ancestors could have imagined, but your duty to keep her in top form continues the time-honored bond of rider to steed. The next time you join your road posse, set a shining example.
Can-Do cuts this chore down to size. Sprays on, wipes clean and lavishes your craft with a tough durable shine.  With its blend of carnauba wax, synthetic cleaners and distillates Can-Do is perfect for all surfaces, including delicate canopies and shields. Spray it on and wipe it off… that’s it, your craft glistens in all its splendor, patiently awaiting for you to bring it to life.  Treat your ride with respect… treat it with Can-Do. Can-Do is a must-have cleaner for any motorcycle, car, or aircraft.

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