85MM Arms




Plastic ball motorcycle end arm and boot. Exoskeleton ribbed design for maximum strength to weight ratio.

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  • Engaging boot on 85mm arm

    How do I re-engage boot to the housing?
    Connecting the boot to the ball-socket housing is like putting together a puzzle. It sounds strange but each step has to be done exactly in this order. To engage the boot: On Winglets™ and SS Quick-Scans™ disengage arm from base units. 1. Loosen the two stainless platform screws until they are about 5/8 inch (15mm) out. 2. Pull the ball-arm out of the socket. 3. Pull one pleat of the boot over the ball. Water or rubbing alcohol can be used as a lubricant. The ball should now be just inside the boot opening. 4. Fully tighten the platform screws so that there is zero gap between platform halves. Note: Any gap will derail boot engagement during the next step. 5. Slip the edge of the boot’s collar area over the top platform slit. Rotate the boot clockwise until it is fully engage in the platform’s boot socket channel. Note: The ball is still not in the socket. 6. Loosen the two stainless platform screws until they are about 5/8 inch (15mm) out. 7. Gently press the ball past the boot’s first pleat until it rest against the platform’s ball opening. 8. Firmly push the ball into the socket. Reattach assembly to base, adjust component angles and tighten platform screw.