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innovative, versatile and durable

atomLink dash mounts hold your radar detector, phone, iPad mini or camera where you need them. This simple, elegant, and versatile design has three adjustable joints.  Each can be adjusted, from light friction to full lock. This allows you to set each joint as needed. To illustrate, one can set a joint to light friction, so you can avoid screen glare with a twist of your hand. At the same time, keep the other joints fully locked. In essence, atomLink offers unmatched versatility to meet your exact needs. 

docking system

Our smart clip-in and lock system ensures the security and easy access of your iPhone or Valentine detector. The peel-n-stick docking pad bonds tight to many styles of phone cases, including fully waterproof ones.  The clipLok system is a slip-in and lock system and not a twist in and lock system. This slip-in action allows two mounts to secure larger items such as an iPad mini or a specialized instrument pod, for rock-solid stability.  ClipLok docking makes this gang mounting possible so, when it comes to using your imagination to solve unusual mounting problems, the atomLink clipLok dash mount allows you to think outside the box.

The clipLok pad, standard with all mounts using clipLok docking, bonds to your radar detector, phone, and many popular phone cases.  More details to come.  clipLok pad
why dash mount

Mounting on the vehicle’s dash is often ideal. Place a phone low, such as in a cup holder, results in a longer scan from traffic to phone and back. This extra time and effort can make the difference between safe and unsafe driving.  Our radar detector dash mount is closer to your instruments and view of the traffic.  So regardless weather you dash mount a phone, mini tablet or a detector, understanding how we see is crucial for making a good mounting decision… See “The Science of Sight”.  For a details of  vehicle phone locations, this book is an excellent research tool.


We take pride in designing and producing every Cockpit Mount™ component in the USA, and we offer a money-back guarantee.


5 out of 5

The cockpit mount combines quality, innovation, and a clean factory look that make it an overall must have. J. Emmert* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

J. Emmert

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