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atomLink Versatility through innovation.
Use this vehicle dash mount on your dash to hold your radar detector mount or phone. It’s a simple, elegant, and versatile device with three articulated joints that you can adjust independently, from light friction to full lock. This allows you to customize each joint based on your needs. To illustrate, you can seamlessly make adjustments to specific joints in order to mitigate light reflections on your screen. Simultaneously, you have the option to keep the other joints firmly locked. In essence, atomLink provides unmatched versatility, empowering you to customize its configuration according to your precise requirements. We take pride in designing and producing every Cockpit Mount™ component in the USA, and we offer a money-back guarantee.
clipLok Docking station and pad. 
Our smart clip-in and lock system ensures the security and easy access of your iPhone or Valentine detector. The peel-n-stick docking pad securely attaches to many styles of phone cases, including fully waterproof ones.  It is good to know the clipLok system is a slip in and lock system allowing more than one mount to attach to single product.  Meaning the perfect iPad vehicle dash mount might be two dash mounts working as a single.
Placement A critical look a phone placement and vehicle safety
The vehicle dash mount should set high on the so your eye has a short scan distance between watching the road and viewing the map screen. Understanding how we use our eyes is crucial for making informed placement decisions… See “The Science of Sight”.  For a detailed exploration of vehicle phone placement, this book is an excellent research tool.  

5 out of 5

The cockpit mount combines quality, innovation, and a clean factory look that make it an overall must have. J. Emmert* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

J. Emmert

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