Bar-Hub Mount


The totally new Bar-Hub Mounts are here. Now with a high power magnetic platform, AMOS ports and our security band system for open cockpit piece of mind. Plus a built in 1/4 x 20 motorcycle camera holder.  Finally your radar detector, phone and mini video cam have found a home.  When ordering please note the stock pinch bolts size and length.


Bar-Hub Cockpit-Mount™ is ideal to position radar detectors for better rear laser reception.  Installation onto mirror or control clamps is fast and easy with our motorcycle camera mount. The post has 20 mm of vertical range and platform use a  twist and lock aluminum compact-ball  for unsurpassed adjustment. The new rare earth magnetic platform uses six super strong magnets to capture your detector or smart phone.  We also included a security band for open cockpit peace of mind. For those wishing to hard dock, the platform has AMOS spaced ports and finally, we added four dampening cushions on the corners to reduce the buzz.

The Post is the simplest and cleanest version since the compact ball attaches directly to the Bar-Hub cap.  In cases where more lateral adjustment is needed we developed an Offset arm.  The arm adds 50 mm of reach… 2 inches laterally and 1 inch vertically to help clear tank bags, brake reservoirs etc.  There are still cases where more vertical range is necessary and for this the new Variable Arm is the answer.  The Variable Arm has 120 mm reach and can be set horizontally or vertically. This system uses Morse taper connections for precision alignment at virtually any angle and tighten down to a solid lock.

On a final note the platform can be spun off leaving a 1/4 x 20 threaded plate for your compact video camera; GoPro, DJI. Sony… you name it. This radar detector mount is proudly made in the USA. Money-back guarantee.


Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in
Arm Options

Post, Offset Arm, Variable Arm


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