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Can-Do™’ is an outstanding unique blend of specially formulated cleaners and carnauba wax in a convenient aerosol.

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Can-Do Cleaner

Can-Do™’s outstanding performance results from its unique blend of specially formulated cleaners and carnauba wax. Convenient aerosol application leaves no white residue, no leaking pump tips, or tired hands. Can-Do gives any craft, screen or canopy a stunningly clean and polished look in minutes. Easy, superior cleaning and protective shine…You’ll be doing your vehicle and yourself a big favor. No thanks necessary. Just enjoy the extra time. Money-back guarantee



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Twin, Combo, Six, Twelve


20 oz, 7 oz, Combo 2 (7 oz) + 1 (20 oz), Combo 1 (7 oz) + 2 (20 oz)

7 reviews for Can-Do™

  1. C. Hayden

    The Can-Do is probably the best “single” product I’ve personally used. FYI, the latest copy of Motorcycle Consumer News has a very positive recommendation for Can-Do. Thanks for all the great products and advice. – C. Hayden*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  2. Sadmin

    “Hello, Just want to express my satisfaction with the Can-Do wax. It’s everything you said it was by bringing up the Black luster of my Beemers paint which is only 37 years old!” – F. Burchardt, NM

  3. Sadmin

    “Time for a couple more cans of your outstanding product, Can-Do. I have ridden motorcycles for 25 years-I ride 11,000 miles a year. I clean after each ride with Can-Do and have found nothing better, at any price!” – R., Indiana

  4. Sadmin

    “I use it on my Ferrari so it always looks good and on my airplane.” – D. Shaw, California

  5. Sadmin

    “We use it on all our new and used bikes, every part from top to bottom. We also recommend it to all our customers.” – R. Fry, Texas

  6. Sadmin

    “I cannot ever recall making a product endorsement, but in the case of your Can-Do motorcycle cleaner and wax I have to make an exception. Everything you said about this product is true. It is simple, fast, and effective, on my windshield, fairing parts, face shield, helmet and sunglasses. I have never found a product more useful for cleaning motorcycles.” – C. Hawkins, California

  7. Sadmin

    “Your Can-Do polish is simply the best product of its kind I have ever used. The two cans ordered over a year ago have kept my R1100RT sparkling with a minimum of effort, and have also been used to touch up my four-wheel-drive truck and car, especially during the winter when it was impossible to clean them conventionally. I haven’t used anything else to wax my vehicles since discovering Can-Do.” – P. Hentges, Virginia

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