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The totally new compact ball Dash-Mount has arrived. Now with a high power magnetic platform, AMOS ports and our security band system for open cockpit piece of mind. Plus a built in 1/4 x 20 camera mount. Finally, your radar detector, phone, Mini iPad and video camera have found a home with our magnetic dash mount.

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Saeng’s new Dash Cockpit-Mount™ is astonishingly versatile and adjustable. The new compact aluminum ball gives you 360 degrees of base rotation, 360 degrees of platform rotation and over 90 degrees platform tilt.  What this means is… any axis, any angle at anytime with a twist of your fingertips.  But there is so much more starting with the totally new magnetic platform.  It uses a series of powerful rare earth magnets to capture your Valentine V1 Gen2 or any detector, smart phone or even a iPad mini… nice eh?  Since the new platform is magnetic it is easy to protect and shield your smart phone or mini tablet in a weather proof case where clamping style mounts just can’t get a grip.  To make the platform expedition grade it has AMOS ports for docking exotic hardware and our security band system for open cockpit piece of mind.  To help reduce the buzz from motorcycles and other vehicles we added four vibration dampening feet on the top and two dampening cushions on the base.

That’s enough versatility to outperform everything hands down but that’s not all.  Spin off the platform and a 1/4 x 20 threaded plate is ready to mount a compact video camera; GoPro, DJI. Sony… you name it..  The beauty, power and versatility of this magnetic dash mount will make you want to show it off, that is unless you prefer to discreetly cloak your beloved detector from patrolling eyes under a baseball cap. You might say the Dash Cockpit Mount™ is downright stealthy and packed to the hilt with advanced performance features.  All this plus quick peel-n-stick installation makes this magnetic dash mount the perfect companion for your electronic buddies in cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs or even the confines of your aircraft’s cockpit. Every Cockpit Mount™ is proudly Made In The USA. Money-back guarantee.

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in

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  1. J. Emmert (verified owner)

    The cockpit mount combines quality, innovation, and a clean factory look that make it an overall must have.
    J. Emmert*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

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