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The new generation of Bar-Hub mounts attach to over-under pinch bolt control clamps. The extremely versatile system is  composed of a series of technologically advanced components using a wide range of manufacturing techniques.


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We are rebuilding our bike index and your input is important. Also helpful are the stock bolt size and length of the over-under pinch bolts. Thank you for your assistance.


The new generation of Bar-Hub mounts are the lightest, most versatile and technologically advanced mounts we have ever made.  The hub system attaches to control clamps which use over-under pinch bolts. The system is comprised of an aluminum post and offset spacers, stainless fasteners and various aluminium and other engineering grade components depending on the configuration.  The instrument platform has been totally redesigned and now integrates AMOS ports for those who wish to mount AMOS patterned cradles.  The top surface is a high temp hook fastener which can support most water tight cell phone or mini iPad cases.  As a finishing touch we added a security band for radar/laser detectors. The band also doubles to help cushion and reduce platform vibration.  All this links to the mount via a new lockable aluminum ball-linkage which can tilt up to 90 degree off the main 360 degree rotational axis. The platform’s vertical range is from 80 mm to 100 mm (measured from top pinch bolt).

The standard unit has an amazing amount of adjustment however more lateral range for positioning is often needed. To do this we developed a light, strong cross ribbed exoskeleton offset arm version.  The arm reaches 2 inches laterally and 1 inch vertically to help clear tank bags or brake reservoirs. The platform’s vertical range is from 112 mm to 132 mm (measured from top pinch bolt).

Money back guarantee.

Finally if you need more range a custom configuration or have special instrument requirements please reach out to me via our contact page.

Ride safe,

Chuck Saunders


Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in
Offset Arm

No Offset, 50 mm Offset

5 reviews for Motorcycle Cockpit Mounts

  1. J. McGregor

    I have been using Cockpit-Mounts on two Gold Wings and my BMW RT 1150. While I have attempted to use a number of others, nothing is as clean and well designed and made as your products. – J. McGregor,

  2. Sadmin (store manager)

    “Received the Pro hub mount in a couple days as promised. Installation and fit on my Ducati 999 easy and looks precise as designed. The hub is very stable under all riding conditions, no vibration at all. Thanks for a Quality product and your technical assistance.” – R. Kriewald, Washington

  3. Sadmin (store manager)

    “The cockpit mount combines quality, innovation, and a clean factory look that make it an overall must have.” – J. Emmert, North Carolina

  4. Sadmin (store manager)

    “I purchased a mount for my Valentine for my Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14. The mount fits in the center hole of my bar. Well, let me start off by saying that your product is AWESOME. I went on a ride down the coast… all the other riders wanted to know what your mount was.” – M. Whitcher, New York

  5. Sadmin (store manager)

    “My Valentine has saved me from a few tickets, most recently yesterday. The Saeng/TA mounts work great. I never ride without both on my bikes.” – V. Naito, Oregon

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