Quick-Scan™ / Clamp


Clamp to 10-12 mm mirror stems for a compact, sturdy and rock steady mount.

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These blind-spot mirrors clamp to 10-12 mm mirror stems for a compact, sturdy and versatile mount.  Attached where you need them to keep scan distance minimal these aluminum booted-linkages are rigid for unsurpassed clarity. Stainless steel fasteners and aircraft-style locking nuts provide quick-secure attachment and attest our attention to detail. Money back guarantee.  Note: A quantity of 1 = a left/right pair. The clamp body is available only in silver and not black as shown in photo.

8 reviews for Quick-Scan™ / Clamp

  1. Sadmin

    “I installed them today and took a ride to get used to them earlier this evening. I love the mirrors, don’t know how I lived without them, and have no negatives whatsoever about the mounting… Thank goodness I got these before something came out of that blind spot and got me! This is a fine, ultra-cool product that adds to the looks of my ST1300. I send you my very best regards,” – R. Potter, Florida

  2. Sadmin

    “I have now purchased two sets of you Quick-Scan mirrors; one for my Subaru Outback Wagon and one for my Yamaha Majesty 400… The product does everything your web site claims, and perhaps a bit more. The blind spots are eliminated, and they give an enhanced view from the ground up to aid in backing the vehicle in close quarters… these products definitely are doing the job for me and are worth the extra expense.” – R. Shortley, Iowa

  3. Sadmin

    “Your product is FANTASTIC and people are always wanting to know how well they work. They always get my full endorsement and told I would not enjoy riding without them.” – R. Blair, California

  4. Sadmin

    “Shipped May 22 and item arrived this morning, (May 28) and I have already installed them on my Suzuki Burgman AN650. Very practical and very good view. Thank you very much for your product and superfast shipping!!! I will recommend your business to friends and family!” – J Declerck, Belgium

  5. Sadmin

    “Works wonderfully on my BMW R1200RT. Once you ride with them, you don’t want to do without them. Have been buying your products since 1985.” – L. Sherrill, Texas

  6. Sadmin

    “Received my order within 4 days from date of order. The Saeng mirrors installed quite easily. …adjusted the mirrors and then tried them out on the highway at speeds up to 85 mph (just keeping up with the California flow of traffic). The mirrors are perfect, no distortion. I’m very pleased with the product. I think they blend in well with the ST1300 and are in a perfect spot with the windshield up or down.” – R. Webster, California

  7. Sadmin

    “Shield-PC mirrors allow me to quickly scan for traffic prior to changing or entering a traffic lane. I check my stock side view mirror, turn my head to check the lane I’m entering, and as I look ahead I view the quick scan mirror to make sure the lane is still clear. I have found this allows me to reduce the amount of time I spend looking to the rear or turning my head to the side and allows me to concentrate more time on the traffic ahead. This has made me feel much safer in commute traffic moving along at 75 plus mph. The mirrors are very clear at all speeds up to 90 mph. Can’t say beyond that speed.” – R. Webster, California

  8. Sadmin

    “Wanted to give you some very positive feedback on the mirrors – the top down Q mount for the BMW K1600 GTL.They mount perfectly, easily. Once adjusted, give you the perfect blind spot view. I really like that they sit in tight on the bar and DON”T stick out. My stock mirrors really do give you a great rear view, but having these for the blind spot + is perfect. Again, excellent quality, service and communication. Pleasure to continue to do business with you.” – C. McAloose, PA

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