The Wing-Tip™ system is a powerful, tunable venturi-deflector with a no-holes peel-n-stick mount that will not damage the shield the way clamped systems can.


Mounted Wing-Tip

The Wing-Tip™ system is a powerful, tunable venturi-deflector. No-holes peel-n-stick bases make mounting quick-n-easy. Variable deflection maximizes comfort by enlarging capsule or bringing cool air in. The aerodynamic shape of this motorcycle windscreen deflector provides a turbulence free boost and non-distorted view. Both models are 16.5cm tall. The 40cm motorcycle deflector model requires 11.5″ (29.2cm) shield width, 47cm model requires 13.5″ (39.4) shield width. This motorbike wind deflector is not intended for near vertical style shields. Money-back guarantee.

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Clear, Tint


40 cm, 47 cm

7 reviews for Wing-Tip™

  1. L. Prising (verified owner)

    I had a chance to put the SAENG WingTips to a real test – I went for an approx 200 miles (320 km) trip with my daughter yesterday, and here is what I found:… During the trip we were riding at about 80 mph (130 kph) in a rather windy day. All I can say is that the WingTips performed superbly. We were able to converse in a normal voice without any problem via our intercom, an MIT-100 system…. Neither of us was wearing earplugs during this trip. During the trip I could hear nothing else from the outside but the engine noise – almost absolutely no wind noise, except for the windgusts. In fact, the GPS’s volume had to be taken back. Now with this thing on I had the navigation volume and the Media Player volume at 80%., with complete clarity and enjoyment. Kawasaki Concours | Cee Bailey Shield – L. Prising*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  2. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “All is FANTASTIC X FACTOR OF 10. And while taking nothing away from the Wing-Tips which are perfect in my case… it is Especially the lights !!!!!! Now 56 yrs old, still riding daily except portions of times in January and February, and after 45 years of riding 2 wheeled motorized vehicles night vision (and conspicuity) are even more essential than ever for my personal safety/comfort levels. The Night-cutters do exactly what they’re advertised to do without exaggeration… and install is quick, easy and a snap, the fit finish, quality is as near to perfection as is possible in todays ISO 2000+ world and your individualized attention AKA customer service is phenomenal. Thanks again. Ps- I’ve also used a variety of “PIAA” brand lights in different applications on a number of M/C’s I’ve owned over the years and can tell you that for me and my money the Night Cutters outshine the PIA’s literally and figuratively in all categories.” – M. Pecora, IL, “IBA # 4078”, “HOG”, “AMA”-Paid-Full Lifetime Member, “BMWOA” and “COG”

  3. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “Thanks for your advise on how to improve wind management on my 2003 R1150RT. The Wing-Tips™ are working great. I’ve been riding with them for over a week now, with marked decrease in noise coming from turbulence around my helmet. It’s so much better, in fact, that I’m now considering installing a stereo because I’m confident I will now be able to hear the speakers. My riding is much less tiring and much more pleasurable.” – M. Nowling, Washington

  4. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “The large Wing-Tip works great with the GIVI screen on my Aprilia Atlantic 500.” – C. Eberhart, Michigan

  5. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “I love the performance, greatly enhances the air management in the cockpit. I like the adjustability of the Wing-Tip™…Again very nice product, works like advertised and that’s unusual.” – C. Davenport, Maryland

  6. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “It’s mounted on a Zero Gravity replacement shield on my 2002 Buell S3T. The Xero Gravity shield has a forward curving upper “lip” that I was initially concerned about in terms of the mounting options but it fits just fine. This product has greatly improved the riding comfort and I’m very pleased with it!” – R. Hoffman, Tennessee

  7. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “The new Wing-Tip™ arrived on time, mounted up with no problems. I put the Micro-Swirl Trim on the top, took it out on the road, and it was almost eerie how well it worked, right up to 100 mph. No wind on my face at all! That’s the product I’ve been dreaming about for the last 10 years, and a significant improvement over the old Winglet. Thanks!” – M. Masson, California

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  • (D) Can the base units be permanently removed?

    Yes… base units (the part attached to the vehicle) are tape mounted and can be removed. It is best to do this when they are warm. Park in the sun or lightly preheat them with a hairdryer. When the bases are warm, peel them off by starting at a corner. If you must use a tool to start peeling an edged, use a smooth edged tool and be careful not to scratch the vehicle. Replacement bases are available for remounting and are listed in the “Options and Parts” link. The tape is applied here at the factory using a special tape enhancer and is sold only as a taped base set.