Sport Touring Accessories for land, sea and air craft

Tired of wind noise, its discomfort, fatigue, and possible hearing loss? SAENG/TA engineered Micro-Swirl Edging™, Winglets™ and Wing-Tips™ to solve these problems and bring the fun back to riding. Designed for use on sport shields through touring fairings, these air management tools offer the quality and performance you've been searching for. What's best? It depends on the problem, your riding style, and performance expectations. But, whether you want to reduce pressure, deflect cold or bugs, or cut wind noise and turbulence, SAENG/TA's systems have the versatility, control and authority to positively impact riding comfort.

Category Image Description
Winglets™ Entry level wing system increases capsule size and stability.
Wing-Tips™ Wing-Tips™ are our most powerful, tunable venturi-deflectors.
Micro-Swirl™ generators Edging and trim engineered to generate a layer of Micro-Swirls™ to smooth, stabilize and enlarge the air capsule.