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pro-bungees are the best cords around. Our American made, nautical grade bungees use smooth (15/32″ ID) marine grade nylon ends to help prevent scuffing and punctures. Sheathed in woven ballistic material, these exceptional cords are more durable, span further, and keep pulling long after the Asian cords go limp.

Pick from the four brilliant color to adorn your trunk or maybe the camo for your ATV or camper.  Either way, you own the bragging rights since these beautiful bungees are made here in the USA. So the next time you sail the open roads or cast off for the open seas, be sure to pack these beauties in your trunk… Maybe it is a bargain from that store you always wanted to stop in or carry out from your favorite restaurant but one way or another you are going to need these cords. So relax, these American made nautical grade bungees have you cover and besides, you just can’t wait to show them off.

Always use caution when engaging or disengaging any bungee cord. Follow these important safety tips.

Money-back guarantee.

5 out of 5

Outstanding service for 20 years. These bungees work like new." J. LeFevre* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

J. LeFevre

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