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vehicle polish protectant

It is much more than a motorcycle detailer.  It is a one-step cleaner polish and protectant for the entire vehicle.  Can-do combines non-abrasive cleaning agents, carnauba wax, and the most advanced synthetic polish and protectants.  The formula took years to develop, but the effort was worth it.  Can-Do quickly cuts through greasy smudges, bugs, and road film without water, leaving a durable, detergent-resistant, water-repellent, and UV-protective finish.  All this ease and convenience while producing a deep,  mirror-like shine on paint, chrome, and clear plastic with no waxy buildup.  On the dash, vinyl seats and panels can-do™ enrich, restore, and protect without leaving a wet film.  Can-do polish brings out your vehicle’s best inside and out.

perfect protection for all crafts

can-do™ is also great on boats and critical plastics such as aircraft canopies, motorcycle wind deflectors, windshield extensions, and shields.  This one-step motorcycle detailer, cleaner polish, and protectant is an aerosol, making its application fast, easy, and the best way to get superior cleaning and a tough protective shine.  Do your vehicle and yourself a big favor.  No thanks are necessary.  Just enjoy the extra time.  Money-back guarantee


Keeping your vehicle clean is essential to any good vehicle maintenance routine, and Can-do makes it easy to deep clean every nook and cranny, so get enough for all your steads.  It is nice to know that, besides deep cleaning, can-do™ restores your vehicle’s shine and luster, leaving you a finish to be proud of.  All in all, it’s pretty impressive for a one-step cleaner polish and protectant.

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5 out of 5

Can-Do is a genie in a can. Been using this for 15 years on my 06 Honda Shadow Saber to get a quick, clean, deep shine, and also to know the finish is getting protected as you lightly buff to a wonderful shine. I now used it on my MX5 MIATA. Can-Do does the trick, quick and easy. Thank you!

Eric Jablonowski
5 out of 5

I cannot ever recall making a product endorsement, but in the case of your Can-Do motorcycle cleaner and wax I have to make an exception. Everything you said about this product is true. It is simple, fast, and effective, on my windshield, fairing parts, face shield, helmet and sunglasses. I have never found a product more useful for cleaning motorcycles.

C. Hawkins, California
5 out of 5

Time for a couple more cans of your outstanding product, Can-Do. I have ridden motorcycles for 25 years-I ride 11,000 miles a year. I clean after each ride with Can-Do and have found nothing better at any price!

R., Indiana
5 out of 5

Your Can-Do polish is simply the best product of its kind I have ever used. The two cans ordered over a year ago have kept my R1100RT sparkling with a minimum of effort and have also been used to touch up my four-wheel-drive truck and car, especially during the winter when it was impossible to clean them conventionally. I haven't used anything else to wax my vehicles since discovering Can-Do.

P. Hentges, Virginia
5 out of 5

Hello, Just want to express my satisfaction with the Can-Do wax. It's everything you said it was by bringing up the Black lustre of my Beemers paint which is only 37 years old! Thanks again, F. Burchardt, NM

F. Burchardt, NM
5 out of 5

Can-Do is probably the best "single" product I've personally used.

C. Hayden, Colorado

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