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Aim High

Pursuing the Highest Goal

A Never Ending Journey

The pursuit of perfection is not a destination but a never ending journey.  There are no fixed limits when pushing the development of product designs however, our objectives are grounded on delivering performance beyond all expectations.  Our journey is built upon multiple failures, compounded often by human frailties. In short we fall face down, time after time only to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and do what everyone else does…  carry on.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Saeng product designs, no matter how creative,  didn’t come into being alone.  We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Tinkerers, craftsmen, designers and engineers throughout history have built this world we take for granted. Sometimes there are huge leaps such as in modern design from Germany’s Bauhaus and sometimes simple innovative design comes to us as the humble paper clip.  Saeng’s design philosophy is form-follows-function and does not follow style or trends. Our minimalist, KISS and Less-Is-More approach is in our very nature, but a sound design philosophy is not enough.  We all need something to aim for.

Aim for the highest point

We share a common destiny, heritage and love for all who came before us and to those who wish to pick up the baton and race into the future.  We guide this ship by a single star in the dark night, a fixed point… Aim High fellow travelers, Aim High.