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Introducing the bar-cm (Cockpit-Mount) motorcycle bar mount, a new product based on our innovative atomLink system.  The bar-cm’s clean, compact, and sturdy design offers exceptional features such as clipLok docking for your phone or detector.  Furthermore, when vibration is a concern, the viPod option effectively handles the buzz.  Plus, other mount options add even more ability.  You can have peace of mind knowing that every Cockpit Mount™ is meticulously designed and all this good stuff is made here in the USA.  Mounts to 7/8″, 1″, 1 ⅛, and 1¼” round bars.  Money-back guarantee.

docking station and pad
Our clip-in system ensures the security and accessibility of your phone, Valentine detector, or any motorcycle radar detector mounted at the tip of your fingers.  With this ingenious mechanism, you can rest assured that your device will stay securely in place while providing quick and effortless access.  The docking pad bonds securely to your case, phone, or radar detector.  The pad has a peel-n-stick surface and attaches to various cases, including many fully waterproof versions.  


vibrations black hole.

The viPod vibration module absorbs much excess energy that can damage delicate electronic components.  Unlike other systems, the viPod system absorbs vibration on vertical, lateral, and longitudinal axes for more effective deadening.  This sleek low-drag pod helps protect your iPhone and Valentine detector from damaging buzz.


components like no other

atomLink parts don’t look like other linkages because they aren’t.  The main joint has more range than a ball joint at only a fraction of the weight.  These modular units offer the flexibility to stack, rearrange, or extend them according to your needs.  You can easily adjust the joints from a light friction setting to a full lock position.  This enables you to fix each union at a specific angle or allow it to be moved with different levels

 of resistance.  Unlock a new range of product adjustments and tailor your mount to your needs or changing conditions.  Embrace the power of choice and ease of setup that is now at your fingertips.  Every Cockpit Mount™ is proudly Made In The USA.  Patent Pending.







saeng’s line of mirrors and mounts is totally new.  Currently the stem-qs mirror is available and the shield-qs is nearing completion.  For updates on the availablilty of the rest of the new product line please use the Facebook and Twitter links below and follow us.   We appreciate your patience during this role out and look forward to providing you the newest and most advanced products in the industry. Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out here.


  • Made from engineering grade super-tough glass filled nylon
  • Stainless steel self locking fasteners
  • Fits bar sizes 22m (⅞”), 25mm (1”), 28mm (1-⅛”), 32mm (1-¼”)

The clipLok Docking Pad uses a 3M™ VHB 4941 Adhesive which adheres best to smooth, non-textured, non-porous surfaces such as:

  • Plastics such as PC, ABS, PVC, Nylon, Acrylic
  • Non-painted metals
  • Un-coated glass

The adhesive will not bond to the following substrates:

  • Rubber, TPU, TPE
  • Leather
  • Silicone
  • Hydrophobic coated glass (Also known as anti-fingerprint glass, which is found on the back of most modern smartphones)
  • Soft touch coating or paint
  • Low surface energy plastics such as Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Acetal, HDPE
  • Wood

We highly recommend using a case with the Docking Pad if your phone has a glass back.

Please ensure the substrate is thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying the Docking Pad.

The 3M™ VHB™ is a single use adhesive and is not reusable.

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