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airlift™ trim

trim smooths, lifts, and expands

Motorcycle wind deflectors are great but can still need more boost.  Airlift™ trim supercharges your motorcycle wind deflector for a quiet and smooth air pocket using the same micro-swirl™ technology as our edging.  This technology stabilizes the air stream by adding a layer of air bearings for a quiet, smooth, larger air pocket.  Besides reducing helmet shake for a more comfortable ride, the motorcycle screen trim reduces wind-roar and shield spray.  When mounted on the sides of lowers, this motorcycle windshield trim will keep the hot radiator air from getting pulled back into your legs.

stick-on, ride-off

airlift™ trim is a peel-n-stick product that attaches in a straight line on motorcycle wind deflectors, thin shields, body panels, and boat windshields.  Perfect for adding more lift on deflectors such as the Puig Windscreen visors, Duilu, and Justech motorcycle windshield deflectors.  This motorcycle windshield trim is also used on short Batwing style fairings such as F12- SB, Meca Mau, Amazicha, and Krator Batwing shields—money-back guarantee.  Whichever your air deflection needs, choose airLift trim to combat turbulence, helmet buffeting, and wind noise at its source.  Triumph over eye blurring, ear popping, helmet shaking and burning heat with airLift trim.  For more info, read our air management blog.


long periods of noise is no laughing matter

Motorcycling helmet wind noise and shake are no joke.  Plenty of studies show how dangerous noise levels can be to hearing; however, few, if any, studies on how tiring buffeting is.  If you want to learn more about this issue, here is an excellent abstract from Cambridge University Press.

5 out of 5

(Donzi 22 Classic) “…moved the envelope up high enough I now can hear the exhaust instead of wind noise. It is real nice with the thru prop switched on. Cosmetically, I think it looks better than the wind wings, (but they won’t fit on my windshield frame) but I am sure they will do a better job of wind management. Overall I would give the product an 8 out of 10. I am using it an application it wasn’t really designed for. Motorcycle windshields are a lot closer to your head. It eliminated the wind noise and took the wind out of my eyes. I am pleased with the results.” – K. Ciocci* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

K. Ciocci
5 out of 5

Micro-Swirl™ trim is great. I have a 2007 BMW F650GS and live in the desert South West where the riding temperatures reach 105 degrees and above in the summer. The F650 has a heat problem that forces hot engine air out along the bottom of the frame and burns your inner calf and can burn the the lower inside thigh. I placed the trim along the frame down tube on the leading edge and it forces the hot air flow down; it has made a huge difference and a more enjoyable ride. Your leg can still get hot but I haven’t had the burn. I have told my two 650 riding buddies about it. – R. Haywood* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

R. Haywood

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