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atomLink handlebar clamp mount

The atomLink hub mount positions your phone,r Valentine, or any detector, off to side, for better rear laser reception.  Swap out the control or mirror clamp pinch bolts with ours.  That’s it, so mount up… Let’s ride with the added security of knowing we are getting the best reception possible.  The Bar-Hub post has 20 mm of up/down range. 

components like no other

atomLink parts don’t look like other linkages because they aren’t.  The main joint has more range than a ball joint at only a fraction of the weight.  Because they are modular, they can be stacked, arranged, or extended.  The joints can be set from a light friction to a full lock. This means each union can be set at a fixed angle or allowed to be moved with varying degrees of resistance.  Unlock a new range of product features and tailor your mount to your needs or changing conditions. Embrace the power of choice and ease of setup ready for you today.  The hub motorcycle handlebar clamp mount is part of our unique family of Cockpit Mounts™, which are proudly Made In The USA. Patent Pending.

docking and pad

With our clip-in and system, we make security and accessibility of your phone or detector at the tip of your fingers. This lever mechanism ensures that your device remains firmly in place while still making access fast and easy. The docking pad bonds securely to your case, phone or instrument. The pad has a peel-n-stick surface and attaches to a wide variety of cases, including many of the fully waterproof versions.


build to your needs
vibration’s black hole.


The viPod attaches at the top post of the motorcycle handlebar clamp mount  and is the ultimate vibration dampening motorcycle phone mount module. It adsorbs much of the excess energy that can damage delicate electronic components. The viPod system stands out from other systems as it actively absorbs vibrations on vertical, lateral, and longitudinal axes, resulting in more effective deadening.This sleek low drag patent pending dampening pod helps protect your iPhone and Valentine detector from damaging buzz and is sleek enough for use on bicycles.



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