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The Saeng Journey...An Overview

saeng journey
face into the wind

This saeng journey is a road map of my travels through time.  The map technically started in 1974 as a senior industrial design project at the Kansas City Art Institute.  I chose to design a fairing.  More accurately, my instructor strongly advised me to take on what ended up being a lifelong pursuit of aeronautical and product excellence.  This project led to saeng and the development of dozens of products, but this adventure was part of my DNA.  As a young man in the 30s, my father rode an Indian motorcycle on dirt roads from his farm homestead in Iowa to work in the gold mines in Utah.  His thirst for adventure and love for riding motorcycles was passed down to me.  So, in a way, the path of my journey was charted before I was born.

A few years after graduating from KCAI, the first saeng fairing left a meager production line in Columbus.  The fairing shook the industry and led to today’s new line of instrument mounts and mirrors.  Looking back, I would be remiss if I didn’t voice my deep appreciation to two instructors, Harry Golding, my Physics instructor from Shimer College, and Michael Hartman, my Industrial Design instructor at KCAI, who affected my design philosophy immensely. 


eye of the storm
pray for a sa
fe harbor

Road enthusiast shares a common thirst for adventure.  When you strap in or strap on and light the fire to set out on the road, each moment requires your critical attention.  You lean into life with each eye, hand, and body movement.  We build leading-edge products ready to deal with the daily battle environment.  In short, the saeng journey is much like everyone else’s…we ride into the wind and pray for safe harbor in the eye of the storm. 


Chuck Saunders
CEO saeng corp