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airlift™ edging G2



edging G2
airLift grade-two edging

airlift™ grade two edging G2  (Grade-2) is the same great noise, turbulence, and road spray-killing edging as the new airlift™ edging only it has been previously owned.  So, this is for you if you want a smoother, quieter, and more enjoyable ride at bargain prices.  However, there is a downside… we don’t get many returns, and you may find the length you want unavailable.  Everyone wants a great ride, but what does that mean?  For many, it is a quiet motorcycle… One without wind noise, buffeting, and shake.  A ride so comfortable and fun that one doesn’t want the ride to end.  airLift™ edging delivers this oasis in the storm.  The new airLift™ is the 4th generation of our noise-killing, turbulence-busting, and road spray-eliminating windshield edging. 

Saeng edging gives you a smooth, quiet, and better ride by reducing wind noise and turbulence.  Though comfort is essential, it is not the whole story.  In addition to reducing turbulence and noise, airLift™ edging helps prevent hearing loss and reduces fatigue on longer rides.  This unique shield edging makes Micro-Swirls™, reducing capsule friction, turbulence, buffeting, and… noise.  These benefits make it an effective alternative to costly shields.  Moreover, airLift™ is a great value and more effective and can also be used on your next shield.  Eliminate helmet shake, wind-roar, and bug/rain spray with one quick, easy-to-install product that adds a rich, lustrous look to your bike. 

the world over

Proven by riders from around the world, from adventure touring the Autobahn to V-Rod cruising American back-roads, the solution to motorcycle air pocket wind noise and head-shaking turbulence is airLift™ edging.

press on and ride

Installation is straightforward – slip it on, and you’re good to go.  airLift windshield edging presses on, making it the fastest, easiest way to kill motorcycle air pocket wind noise and helmet shake.  airlift™ edging fits from 1/8″ to 1/4″ shields and will not fade, crack, or lose its rich dark luster.  Please note: Beaded-edge shields can be challenging applications… See Victor Mudrack’s statement in the reviews below and information on the FAQ tab above—money-back guarantee details onRefund and Returns Policy.

endurance above and beyond

airLift grade two edging never loses its deep, dark, rich look; furthermore, it never cracks or becomes brittle.  This is nice to know should you sell your bike… You may want to hold on to our edging for the new steed in your garage.  We call the opposite of planned obsolescence… made in the USA.  So, if you’re tired of being tossed around by the wind every time you hit the road, give airLift™ a try.  You may never want to ride without it again.

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