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Clowns on the Left... Jokers on the Right




The hub-qs’s unique control-clamp mounting allows it to be used when other styles are not an option.


The new shield Quick-Scan is sleeker, more versatile and airlift edging slipa over the low profile base.   Oh, did I forget to mention they are stunningly beautiful.

qs-shield windshield mounted blind spot mirrors for motorcycles US patent pending saeng intellectual property


stem Quick-Scans so many colors to choose from. 

jokers and clowns
we are stuck in the middle

Just like in the Stealers Wheel song, we often find ourselves stuck in the middle of Jokers and Clowns.  It could be a fellow motorist or our mistake, but we often hear the excuse, “I didn’t see them!”  Keeping your head on a swivel is good advice, but it can be tiring and sometimes dangerous.  How often has a glance missed a vehicle next to you?  We need a tool to level the playing field in this battle with jokers and clowns.

Quick-Scans™ are precisely the tool needed for motorcycle collision avoidance.  Their large clear field is positioned high on the shield or beside your OEM mirrors and provides optimal situational awareness.  They give you eyes on the road ahead, behind, and even in those notorious blind spots on your sides.  Designed specifically for this battlefield, our blind spot mirrors easily attach to the mirror stem, shield, or throttle clamp assembly next to your grips, ensuring that your scanning process remains efficient.  With a large, adjustable, and durable (70mm) glass mirror, sleek housing, and rock-solid mounting, Quick-Scans™ are the ultimate professional blind spot mirror solution.


for precision placement

There are three mounting options to choose from.  Firstly, the shield-qs system provides a high attachment on the windshield with seamless integration into the shield.  The thin base edge allows our edging to slip over and be used with the mirrors easily.  Even when it comes to adjustable shields, they pose no challenge as the mirror mates to the housing through a ball joint, allowing for quick and easy minor adjustments at your fingertips.

Alternatively, the stem-qs system offers a high mount on your mirror stems. Lastly, the hub-qs mirrors can be attached to the control clamps beside your grips.

Regardless of your personal preference, the Quick-Scans™ feature makes it effortless to keep your eyes on the road and stay aware of potential dangers alongside you.  The new qs line of Quick-Scans enhances your situational awareness and reduces fatigue and neck strain.  Plus, it adds a stylish touch to your vehicle.  All in all, the Quick-Scans™ system is a highly beneficial addition.


Using the Atom-Link™ system to mount our blind-spot mirrors gives the rider the advantage of unmatched adaptability and excellent durability in a stunningly attractive package.  The atom-Link™ system allows for a full range of indexed settings, accessible on-the-fly adjustments, and, should it ever be needed, a wide variety of optional joints.   Stay focused, stay alert, and stay safe with the help of our innovative and superior-quality wide-angle mirrors.

we make it easy

A rule of thumb is to choose a mount location as wide and high as possible.  If your mirror stems are much more comprehensive than your sports shield, go for stem or barHub mounts.  If your touring shield is about the same width as the mirror stem, go for the height advantage of our popular shield mount.  Whichever model you choose, Quick-Scans will give you an efficient scan pattern.  Avoid the dangers of looking over your shoulder or struggling to read those small blind-spot mirrors.  To learn more about optimal scan patterns for your safety on the road, click here.  If you have questions or need help, ask here. 

saeng’s line of mirrors and mounts is totally new.  Currently the stem-qs mirror is available and the shield-qs is nearing completion.  For updates on the availablilty of the rest of the new product line please use the Facebook and Twitter links below and follow us.   We appreciate your patience during this role out and look forward to providing you the newest and most advanced products in the industry. Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out here.