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American made, nautical grade

from the sea lanes to the road lanes

We forget our nautical heritage as we pilot our ships across vast expanses on trade routes called roads.  Battling winds, weather, terrain, and traffic, we chase the sun as it escapes behind the horizon.  The warmth of the day fades while the road surrenders its heat into the darkness as you ride into the night.  Finally, you pull into port, dismount, remove your cords, unload, and disembark to dream of the next adventure.  Every ride tells a story, and our American-made nautical-grade bungee cords are waiting to be part of yours.  

built from world-class components

Every pro-bungee has a lineage spanning several continents.  From the tropics comes the finest natural rubber, and on America’s east coast, it is sheathed with beautiful ballistic fabrics.  The tough, durable, puncture-resistant clips come from New Zealand, and finally, all are assembled here in the Midwest.  The lineage of quality runs deep in every cord so that you can rely on them regardless of the seas, voyage after voyage, year after year.

with the adventure of the open road 

You have a rendezvous with history, back when American-made meant the best.  May fair winds and following seas be with you.

Safe passage, fellow travelers.