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built on a new technology

Built on the atomLink adaptive system, stem-qs (Quick-Scan) mirrors are perfect for motorcycle collision avoidance.  Neatly clamped to the bike’s round mirror stems, stem-mount blind spot mirrors expose vehicles in dangerous blind spots or unseen areas on your sides.  The bottom line is they help keep you safe in traffic.  They Include inserts to clamp 10,12 and 14-mm stems, and the body, without inserts, will attach to 16-mm round stems.  There is no better mounting solution for this critical protection on many motorcycles and scooters.  Compact, sturdy, and versatile, these beautiful mirrors will exceed your expectations, plus the durable glass optics will clearly reflect your good taste far into the future.  Choose white, black, or chrome housing and the o-ring color that complements your ride. Priced per pair





beauty more than skin-deep

Every component of these stem-mount blind spot mirrors is meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted here in the USA.  Making the stem-qs mirrors a stunningly beautiful addition to your ride—money-back guarantee.  Please read about our design philosophy here.  

as a survival strategy

Blind spots, especially for motorcyclists, are a severe problem for everyone on the road.  Please don’t take our word on it; check out this National Law Review report on the dangers of blind spots.  It also has some great tips.  Should you want more, check out our blog on The Science of Sight.

for a quick box to bike experience

They come fully assembled and ready to clamp on and go.  Included is a hex key for the fasteners and three inserts.  Mounting should only take a couple of minutes, including adjustments.  In short, we made it fast and easy to ride with greater confidence, so now is a great time to step up to the next level.   Place your order, and let’s ride safer.






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Stem-mount blind spot wide angle motorcycle collision avoidance mirrors stem spacers



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