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Shapeshifting to your needs

a new direction in movement

Want to place your phone and detector at the perfect angle and location?  Doing so is a never-ending job for your phone and detector mount.  One moment, your phone is where you want it, and the next moment, the sun’s reflection has made it useless.   What’s needed is a shapeshifter ready to adapt to your will.  Our new atomLink™ components possess these extraordinary powers.  Hidden behind the friction ring is an array of interlocking nibs that adjust from light friction to full lock.  All this world-class engineering is done in the USA, plus it is made, assembled, and shipped from the Midwest by (you guessed it) Americans.  These shapeshifting Cockpit-Mounts are ready to adapt to your needs.  So the next time you see the sun glaring off the phone, reach out and reset.  Problem solved.

bi-axis slip-n-lock

Every instrument needs a home port, and our new clipLok docking system is just that.  Attach the mounting pad to a radar detector, phone, or appropriate phone case, and you are ready to dock.  The docking pad (included with the mount)  magnetically aligns with the receiver and then presses in to click into place.  Flip up the locking lever if you ride open cockpit or are a serious off-roader.  Now, it’s loaded, locked, and ready for battle.  The options are limitless because clipLok’s slip-in docking can be teamed with a second or third clipLok system to hold larger units such as iPads or scientific instruments.  The magnetic pad will hold a phone on metal surfaces for added convenience—a nice touch when you need a helping hand.

the vibration heat exchange

Vibration concerns?  Our Vi-Pod module is for you.  This option suspends the clipLok docking port on an isolated island of calm.  The pod kills the buzz on motorcycles, off-road, and other vehicles by converting motion into heat.  So, no matter how she shakes, rattles, and rolls, your delicate instruments will be safer than on a hard-docked system.  Besides being practical, the viPod’s sleek, low-drag design is equally at home on an iron horse or a peddle-powered carbon tech wonder.

between the best

Select from the products below, but if you need help, contact usWe offer an array of optional components and are here to help you fight the good fight and find the right products to elevate your vehicle to the next level.  Simply start with the best system for your ride; every one is part of the most diverse modular mounting system ever.  This means you can relax because our options should cover almost any need. 

Mount Up –Let’s Ride™

saeng’s line of mirrors and mounts is totally new.  The first new product is the stem-qs mirror and will be available in the next few weeks.  For all product release updates please click on the Facebook and Twitter links below and follow us.   We appreciate your patience during this role out and look forward to providing you the newest and most advanced products in the industry. Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out here.