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versatility through innovation

When dash or body panels provide the optimal location or your bike unexpectedly gains an extra pair of wheels and an interior compartment, the dash-qs dash mount mirrors are the perfect solution.  Thanks to its signature off-axis twin orbital base, this atomLink system can effortlessly adapt to any surface, regardless of the angle.  Moreover, the dash-qs install in seconds,  thanks to its 3 M VHB tape underbelly.  With all these advantages, there is no excuse not to expose those elusive vehicles lurking in dangerous blind spots.

Let dash-qs mirrors help keep you safe in traffic.  Their peel-n-stick base makes mounting fast and easy.  Compact, sturdy, and versatile, these beautiful mirrors will exceed your expectations, plus the durable glass optics will clearly reflect your good taste far into the future.  Choose white, black, or chrome housing and the o-ring color that complements your ride. 
 per pair

inside out, any side up

Though the dash-qs blind spot mirrors can be placed on the vehicle’s exterior, placing them inside the cabin has several significant advantages.  Dash-mount mirrors are out of the weather, and their field of view is often through the fog-free side windows.  By locating the mirror within the instrument scan pattern, you maintain more of your focus on the road.  To understand the importance of optimizing your scan pattern, see “The Science of Sight.”

deadly areas you don’t see

Blind spot accidents involving motorcycles are a problem around the world.  This review from Malaysia is an essential read.  Should you want more, check out our blog on The Science of SightMaybe our motorcycle handlebar control clamp mirrors are the right solution for you.

to the highest star

Every component of these dash mount mirrors is meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted here in the USA.   Make these blind spot mirrors a stunningly beautiful addition to your ride—money-back guarantee.


  • Can base units be removed?
    Three easy steps for base removal.

    Yes… Base (the part attached to the vehicle) removal is easy and replacement bases are available. This is great when if you buy a new shield, bike or vehicle and want to take your mirrors or mount with you. The new base units come complete with tape installed. The tape is not available separately since a special tape enhancer is used on the base just prior to the tape being applied to the base.  

    Step One

    Remove the mirror.  To do this remove the base fastener and remove the entire assembly. This includes the mirror assembly includes the base cap, arm and mirror assembly. Note the Allen key slips through the cap port. 

    Step Two 

    Warm the base.  It is much easier to remove the base when it is hot.  An easy way  to do this is to let it bake in the sun for an hour before starting.  Another option is to preheat the base using a hair dryer on the low setting.  Caution: Hairdryers vary so be careful not to melt the shield or mirror components. 

    Step Three

    With the base still warm, peel slowly, starting along the edge. If you must use a tool to start the base removal, use dental floss or a smooth edged tool.  Avoid using a razor and be careful not to scratch the shield or vehicle. Go here for replacement base sets.


    shield qs base units can be removed when changing shields

    The base units are affixed with 3M High Bond tape. The taped base holds tight but can be removed from the shield. Replacement bases are available.

Richard, Thanks for reaching out. The dash-qs mirrors are third in line for release. Currently the stem-qs are available and tooling is about to begin on the shield-qs. I'll update Facebook and bring everyone up to speed. Thanks for pointing out the omission. Chuck Saunders

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