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For old friends.

Someday these parts for old friends will no longer be with us.  Someday the end of an era for these early mounts and mirrors will finally come.  But that day is not today and Saeng has always engineered its products to last a lifetime.  That’s why just because you buy a new shield or a widget goes boink in the night, doesn’t mean you have to retire your best friend… At least not for now.   So, here are the most common replacement parts for saeng products of yesteryear. 

But don’t feel down, there is a new generation of mounts and mirrors waiting for you to find them a home.  They are just as loyal and dedicated as their predecessors plus these newbies can do lots of nifty things.  Frankly,  I’m sure you will love your new friends and they are excited and anxious to join you in your next great adventure. 

Happy trails to you
Until we meet again