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hard dock security

The hub-qs mirror is the flagship of the Quick-Scan™ line.  This mount is often the best for bikes with narrow shields or irregular-shaped mirror stems.  Installation is simple.  Swap out the pinch bolts on the motorcycle mirror clamp mount or the motorcycle handlebar control clamp mounts, and you are good to go.  In addition, the hub post offers 20 mm of range, while the offset platform can rotate to ensure great mirror alignment.  Quick-Scan mirrors expose vehicles in dangerous blind spot zones to help you keep track of the traffic around you for a more confident and secure ride.  Compact, sturdy, versatile, built with durable glass optics, and beautifully crafted, the hub-qs fit your bike, your needs, and your pocketbook.  Choose white, black, or chrome housing and an o-ring color that complements your ride.    priced per pair

the new performance era

atomLink parts don’t look like other linkages because they aren’t.  The 25-degree offset platform is a compact and neat solution for exact mirror placement.  Furthermore, thanks to the modular nature of the atomLink system, one can explore such things as ganging two mounts from a single station, adding offset, or extending reach.  Easily adjust every joint from light friction to full lock.  This means each union can be set at a fixed angle or moved with varying degrees of resistance.  Unlock a new range of product features and tailor your mount/mirrors to your needs or changing conditions.  Embrace the power of choice and ease of setup ready for you today.  Every Cockpit Mount™ is proudly Made In The USA.  Patent Pending.  Additional linkage options can be found here if more adjustments are needed.

deadly areas you don’t see

Blind spot accidents involving motorcycles are a problem around the world.  This review from Malaysia is an essential read.  Should you want more, check out our blog on The Science of Sight.  Maybe our motorcycle handlebar control clamp mirrors are the right solution for you.

performance by design

We meticulously design, engineer, and craft every component to create world-class products.  Read more on our design philosophy.

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