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stem-qs nuda scanners - Users of Quick-Scan blind spot mirrors


a special breed of warrior

a special breed of warrior

Scanners are a special breed of warrior.  Alert, ever-vigilant, watching for and being ready to react to hostile forces.  Sometimes, these forces lurk in the gaps at railroad crossings or the gaps between our rearview mirror and our peripheral vision.  This enemy is a chameleon,  a shapeshifter, moving in and out of shadows, like sand drifting onto the edge of the road just around the bend.   

the unseen

The real trick is to recognize the enemy from within.  Distractions, exhaustion, or losing our edge as the day wears on can be deadly.  As deadly as not having the right equipment.  The complexity of the issue of fatigue can be seen here.  Being a scanner means staying in an offensive posture, ready to choose which action is best or buys you the most time to take further action if needed.  Check out our blog posts, which can help with insights into many safety disciplines.  Scanners are not just a type of rider who uses Quick-Scan mirrors but a riding attitude committed to staying alert and improving the safety of those around us. 

on our sides

We designed qs (Quick-Scan) mirrors to be the right equipment.  They are your eyes on the sides, seeing into the unseen danger zone next to you.  We designed, crafted, and made each of these precision optical instruments to meet your demanding requirements.  We believe in safety-oriented equipment and trust that, given the right information, you will be better equipped to use them to their maximum potential.