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Cleanliness is next to godliness

detailing made easy

Motorcycle detailing or auto detailing doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you had to have one essential go-to product for detailing, Can-Do would be it.  Motorcycles have more exposed nooks and crannies than we want to face.  Cleaning these hard-to-get spots can be challenging.  High-pressure washers are great, but they have a downside.  They leave a dull film.  This film must be removed before the bike’s sparkle will come through.   What is needed is a product that removes the grime and leaves a protective shine on virtually all surfaces.  Can-Do does all this, so you start here to build your detailing kit.

the key components to get you off to a good start

The list of basic components is short.  A few soft, clean clothes, paper shop towels for the grime on the underside, an old toothbrush, a pair of nitrile gloves, and a can of Can-do will get you started.  These few items and a little time will restore the showroom sparkle and leave you with a bike that stands out.  Before proceeding, let’s look at how we can reduce the deep cleaning workload by practicing a quick cleanup after each ride and why an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

cleaning during and after the ride

During long summer rides, topping up on fuel and fluids for you and your steed is the perfect time to clean the bike quickly.  Cleaning your craft’s shield and leading surfaces doesn’t take long and reduces the time needed for a thorough motorcycle detailing later.

respect your steed 

Everyone has heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  You love to ride, so inevitably, your bike gets dirty, but dirt and its caustic ingredients are not your bike’s only enemy.  You change the oil religiously because you know the long-term detrimental effect dirty oil has on an engine.  But did you know parking your bike in the sus is as damaging to your bike’s finish as running with dirty oil is to its engine?  When you are riding, you can’t control how much sun your bike gets, but that’s a different story when you park.  If possible, keep the bike in a garage or covered.  When stopping for a meal, park in the shade; it may mean walking a little further, but losing an hour of sun exposure adds up, and the extra exercise will also benefit you.

cleanliness is next to godliness 

Most ridding results in bugs and road film, which can be easily handled with a quick spray of Can-Do and wiped with a clean cloth.   When doing so, always start with a fresh, clean cloth on the windshield.  Once this is done, move down to the tank and bodywork.  Finish by cleaning the more hard-to-get and often more grimy areas.  

  1. Keep plenty of clean rags on hand.
  2. Only use fresh, soft, clean rags on the windshield
  3. Start at the top and move to the tank and bodywork before the rag’s next stop… the washing machine.
  4. Clean the lower grimy areas of paper shop towels or rags and throw them out afterward.    

Dirt, grime, bugs, and road film are part of riding.  Regardless, a simple detailing kit and a little discipline will go a long way to keep your bike shining. 

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