Cockpit Mounts™

Ensure your motorcycle is set to handle your auxiliary instrumentation needs before the touring season with Saeng’s state-of-the-art motorcycle cockpit management products. We are committed to designing, creating, and crafting the world’s finest motorcycle products, including dash, bar, and control clamp cockpit mounts.

Saeng’s totally new line of motorcycle mounts are made with newly designed customized components ensuring the ideal instrument location. Our unique mounting system is ideal for radar/laser detectors, cameras, smartphones, and mini tablets to mention a few. Not only do these motorcycle mounts make it easy to place components in the ideal place and alignment, but they can be configured into gang mounted systems for multiple instruments from a single mounting location.

When you buy motorcycle cockpit management products from us, your mount component will look more professional and finished than any other cockpit mount component on the market. Our motorcycle mounts will also aesthetically complement your bike’s OEM components. In addition, our components are much lighter than other brands while still maintaining an extremely high strength to weight ratio.

Our motorcycle cockpit management products range from ready-to-use to customized units. Send us a message about what you need, and we’ll be happy to work with you to find the right product to meet your touring or commuting needs.

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Motorcycle cockpit management is crucial for adventure touring motorcyclists, professional expedition vehicle outfitters, and even pilots. If you are looking for high-quality equipment and components for your motorcycle or vehicle, talk to our team of experts today. We’ll help you find the right products to elevate your vehicle to the next level. Browse through our available products or send us a message to learn more.