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The phone killer.

It is common knowledge that motorcycle vibration can be very destructive to iPhones. The viPod converts our mounts into a vibration dampener phone mount to help reduce this risk.  This vibration module adsorbs much of the excess energy that can damage delicate electronic components. Made to absorb vibration on all axis for a more effective deadening the viPod literally floats the mounting platform in a soft vibration absorption material but this isn’t the only viPod difference. The viPod has a sleek, low drag profile that looks great too making it perfect for bicycles too.   

Is the better part of velour.

The bottom line is even the best vibration dampener phone mount system may not protect these delicate instruments. For navigation, consider a phone without a camera stabilization system or a dedicated GPS map system such as a Garmin.  Saeng continues to innovate dampening technology. Please use discretion when choosing which product to mount. 


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