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the enemy of delicate instruments

It is common knowledge that motorcycle vibration can destroy the delicate stabilization systems on cameras and smartphones.  What is needed is a component where vibration goes to die.  The viPod is vibration’s black hole.  Vibration energy enters on one side only to be dissipated as heat.   Within the viPod is a star chamber suspended in a visco-elastomer.   Vibration along any axis is converted to heat dissipated through bottom ventilation ports.  

Adding the viPod to any of our mounts or mirrors will dramatically reduce vibration’s footprint and its ugly effects.  This vibration module absorbs much of the excess energy that can damage delicate electronic components.  Made to absorb vibration on all axes for a more effective deadening, the viPod floats the mounting platform in a soft vibration absorption material.  However, this isn’t the only viPod difference.  The viPod has a sleek, low-drag profile that looks great, too, making it perfect for bicycles. 


star chamber
viPod’s command center

The star chamber has five radial arms.  The arms flex to absorb vibration.  Both the arms and core contact the visco-elastomer strategically to deaden as broad a range of vibration as possible.  As the viPod’s star chamber is the heart of the system, the outer shell is the backbone of this vibration-eating machine. 

The outer shell holds the dampening material in place.  None of this would work without the viPod outer shell.  Since the shell carries the most mass, the clipLok system attaches to the shell while the star chamber links to the mount body.  The last component to make up the star chamber is the visco-elastomer dampener.  If one could see inside, you would notice that it was mostly hollow.  This open space prevents the material from transmitting vibration through itself.  By now, you’re well aware that the viPod is brimming with advanced technology, and its sleek, aerodynamic design goes beyond mere aesthetics.  


the better part of velour.

The bottom line is even the best vibration dampener phone mount system may not protect these delicate instruments.  When it comes to navigation, especially when using a phone, please consider using one that does not use a camera stabilization system.   Another alternative is to use a dedicated GPS map system.  Saeng continues to innovate dampening technology.  It’s important to explore alternative options.


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