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al-base set small

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atomLink twin base set

The al-base set small contains two replacement base units for the shield-qs. These bases are used to remount the shield-qs mirrors onto a new shield. They are designed with a thin edge and are compatible with airLift edging.  This thin edge allows the edging to slip over the base with very little distortion. The atomLink twin base sets are manufactured here in the Midwest in a ISO 4000 facility. 

The al-base set small is not suitable for the old style Quick-Scan mirrors. Here is a link for these early model bases.  

Here is a 3M data sheet covering prep and tape application. Please note the higher the room temp the better the bond. We suggest tape application at 70°F and 21° C and above.  For cleaning we recommend pre-washing with hot soapy water then cleaning with 90% IPA.  Clamp and cure overnight following the instruction included.  

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