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compact 50 degree offset spacer

This 50-degree offset spacer is packed with saeng technology.  By interlocking the top cap with the body, we were able to shorten the length, save weight, and increase strength. Both ends carry the atomLink signature nibbed disc indexing system for adding atomLink components, including every quick scan and cockpit mount.  the outside has indexing marks that help to reset a joint to its last location.  This is especially handy when setting an instrument to a precise position or needing up to 50 degrees of offset.  Each al-spacer is manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility in the Midwest.  Also, it is assembled and shipped from the plant here in Columbus, Nebraska.

when less is more

The atomLink system already has the variable-angle al-knuckle, so why bother with a fixed-angle joint? The answer is space, weight, and range. Mounts and mirrors are often in tight locations, and as small and light as the al-knuckle is, it is bigger and has more mass and adjustment than needed.  So, with that in mind, saeng spent years compressing and refining this mastery of space.  An interlocking top cap was added to make this happen so the fasteners could be moved inward. If the fasteners were any closer, they would cross in space, but all the effort was worth it since the locking channels and caps increased the part’s strength and lowered their weight.  One final note.  By stacking two al-spacer50 bodies together, you end up with a 0-100 degree variable and fully lockable joint.  Yes, indeed, less is more.       


with the spacer

The spacer comes with a matching al-nibbed disc, a 5mm stainless steel screw, and a silicone friction O-ring available in red, yellow, blue, or black.


the atomLink family

Every member of the atomLink family is painstakingly engineered to its fullest potential.  But often overlooked is the most essential member of this family: the atomLink customer.  Without you, we would not exist.  Thank you for being part of our family and taking part in our extreme pursuit of engineering perfection.

We look forward to hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to share your suggestions and insights.  Every one of them helps us make the atomLink system the best it can be.

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