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clamp body



Cast clamp body replacements.

These cast clamp body replacements are for the early model quickScan mirrors and Cockpit Mounts. The cast clamp replacement bodies come in four sizes, 10-12 MM, 7/8 Inch, 1 and 1 1/4 inch. All come with a stainless fastener, washer and aircraft style locking nut.  They come fully assembled and are available in silver or black. Sold one each.

The next generation of mounts.

Please Note: Someday these parts for old friends will no longer be with us. Early model parts are being phased out as we implement the new atomLink models, such as the stem-qs mirrors. These new atomLink models are far superior and we want you to come onboard as soon as everything as they are available. The new system will provide replacement parts solely for the taped components, as they require new adhesive for remounting. Our new atomLink mounts and mirrors are highly durable, virtually indestructible, reducing the likelihood of needing replacement parts.

This new line of atomLink motorcycle blind spot mirrors also mount in the ideal location: next to the factory mirrors.  These mirrors make it easy to keep your attention on the traffic around you while exposing vehicles in blind spots next to you.  And should a quick adjustment ever be needed the mirror joint pivots so minor adjustments are at your fingertips.  Installs in minutes and the new glass optics ensure a crystal clear field of view for years to come. To better understand why blind spot mirrors are so important read The Science of Sight.  

What you don’t see can kill you.

Blind spot accidents involving motorcycles are a problem around the world. This review from Malaysia is eye opening.

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