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replacement pad for clipLok docking station

The cl-pad allows you to mate to virtually any phone, radar detector, and many phone cases (see application tab) to our clipLok docking station.   This docking pad can be used with a new phone, case, or radar detector.  The pad incorporates rare earth magnets to assist docking alignment and to help hold on a metal surface.  All this is in a sleek, low-profile design, and best of all, the cl-pad is manufactured in the Midwest in an ISO 4000 facility. 


finding the best match

Not all materials bond well, regardless of how good the tape is and how well the surface has been cleaned and prepped.  Our compatibility tab will soon list some of the better mounting phone case surfaces and some of the worst.  Please use caution when attaching the mounting pad to any surface not listed on the tab.   Also, please note that the cl-pad is incompatible with the old style Cockpit Mounts.  You can find many of the old system parts here


to ensure a great bond

The instrument and pad should be at a warm room temperature during application and cure for better bonding.  We suggest tape application at 70°F and 21° C and above for cleaning wipe instrument mating surface with 90% IPA.  For best results, allow to cure overnight.  Here are a few tips from 3M covering prep and tape application.

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