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security tubing

Security band.

The cockpit mount security band fail safe is made from durable K911 formula tubing.  Fits early models Cockpit-Mounts™ and was used as a fail-safe for off road adventure touring motorcycles and ATVs. The special formula with its high resistance to weather and chemicals is ideal for the outdoor environment.   Comes with prong caps for greater life. Sold as a set of two. Please consider adding Can-Do to your order to meet site minimums. 

The next generation of mounts.

Please Note: Someday the cockpit mount security bands for old friends will no longer be with us. Early model parts are being phased out as we implement the new atomLink models, such as atomLink Mounts. These new atomLink models are far superior and we want you to come onboard as soon as they are available.  This new system will offer replacement parts only for the taped components since they cannot be remounted without new adhesive.  Our new atomLink mounts and mirrors are virtually indestructible and it is not likely that replacement parts will be needed. 

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