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an atomLink part

The al-yolk gang station is a convenient solution that enables mounting two devices side by side. This feature proves particularly useful in situations where space is limited, allowing for placing a radar detector alongside a phone. However, it’s important to note that this configuration is not advisable for stem mounts due to potential surface area limitations that may compromise the ability to securely hold both instruments simultaneously.

The al-yolk gang station offers a perfect expansion option for any atomLink system, providing a seamless and efficient setup. Moreover, it brings significant advantages in reducing eye scan distance, thereby minimizing strain and fatigue. A pilot study confirmed that shorter eye scan distances reduce stress and fatigue.

The gang station offers a practical, space-saving solution for mounting multiple devices together. The gang station’s compatibility with atomLink mounts makes it an attractive choice for individuals seeking enhanced convenience. Additionally, its ability to optimize eye scan distance reduces physical strain during device usage.


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