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Gen-4™ is the most advanced Micro-Swirl™ generator made. With over 13% more generation surface and better conformity this edging is the easiest way to reduce wind noise and turbulence.


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Gen 4 Edging Noise Turbulence Reduction

Gen-4 Edging™ kills noise, turbulence and road spray for a smoother, quieter and more enjoyable ride. The edging makes Micro-Swirls™ which reduces capsule friction and thus turbulence.  Installation is fast and easy making it an effective alternative to those ugly taller shields.  A great value and more effective than bigger shields Gen-4 can even be used on your next bike.  Eliminate helmet shake, wind-roar and bug/rain spray with one quick, easy to install product that adds a rich lustrous look of your bike.

The edging presses on making it the quickest easiest way to a comfortable ride. Compatible with all 1/8″-1/4″ shield materials, will not fade, crack or lose rich luster. Not for beaded-edge shields.  Money-back guarantee details on Services – Policies page. Go here to understand why quieting your capsule is important:


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in

3 feet, 3 feet six inches, 4 feet, 4 feet six inches, 5 feet, 5 feet 6 inches, 6 feet, 6 feet six inches, 7 feet, 7 feet six inches, 8 feet

12 reviews for Gen-4 Edging™

  1. John Murphy (verified owner)

    Received my edging by mail very rapidly and fitted it soon after. I was pleasantly suprised how easy it was to fit, after some doubt about which way round was correct, and it looks good. It stays on too even at speed! It certainly works at reducing turbulence and is much less intrusive in vision than the alternative deflector I had fitted. I ride 20,000 miles a year and on-bike comfort is very important.

  2. T. Stueve

    The edging on the motorcycle eliminated the wind buffeting I used to get on the top of my helmet. In the rain, the water now doesn’t run up over the top edge and then down the inside of the windshield obscuring my vision. Likewise in the sidecar in the rain, the water doesn’t run up over the edge and drip down on to the seat and my wife’s lap. – T. Stueve, Gold Wing Road Riders*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  3. B. Burns

    Edging has made my Buell S-2T tourable. It has raised the wind and bug line on my jacket from mid-chest to top of shoulders. A simple accessory for a lot of comfort at higher speeds. – B. Burns*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  4. G. Gotzinger

    Just rec’d the Stealth Edging and Night-Cutters™. Mounted them on my Valkyrie Tourer. Superb product, excellent results. I’m 6’6” and was going to have to purchase a taller windshield – not any longer. The stock Hondaline windshield is PERFECT with your edging!! The lights mounted without hassle on the Cobra light bar and really do the job. I ride safer at night because I can clearly view both sides of the roadway. Get comments on how well they look too! I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again for great service and superb products. – G. Gotzinger*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  5. H.

    I just returned from a 600 mile trip in the mountains of Arizona, and I must say, it was the quietest 600 miles I have put in since I have been riding motorcycles. Your Winglets and Stealth Edging WORK! It’s so great to hear the “whisper of the wind,” rather than the usual constant roar I’ve had to contend with all these years. – H., Arizona*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  6. D. Chance

    I just recently added your edging and was pleasantly surprised at the results on my Honda ST1300. I can lower the electric windshield all the way down, get a little air to keep me cool, and yet there is no turbulence. It is eerie smooth. If I raise the windshield another inch, still well below my line of sight, virtually all noise goes away. I spent a whole lot more money on a _ _ windshield, but if I had known about your product before, I could have saved a lot of money. – D. Chance*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  7. A. Huddy

    Just wanted to thank you guys for an excellent product! I am a new rider and after trying the tall Wunderlich, (didn’t like looking through it,) then the short Wunderlich, (the wind was a bit much and I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks…), I discovered the microswirl edging. It made a huge difference helping to cut the wind on my trip from Fairbanks, AK to Helena, MT, to Bellingham WA, to Haines and Haines Junction, AK and then back home to Fairbanks. I have recommended it to several other riders. Thanks for a great product! – A. Huddy*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  8. C. Gullage

    The installation took about 5 minutes and a few whacks with a soft piece of wood. Once I was satisfied with the installation I trimmed off the bottom ends of the edging to match the contours of the windshield. Before the installation of the Micro-Swirl Edging the slipstream/wind-blast over the windshield was severe and the sound level was deafening, even with my helmet visor down. When I completed the installation I went for a test cruise with a maximum speed of 45 MPH. The slipstream seemed to have moved up a few inches and the velocity decreased significantly. Also, the noise level dropped an estimated 80 – 90%. My friend also took the bike out for a test ride and was amazed at the positive results. Your product works as advertised and my problem seems to be solved; I’m a happy customer. 2006 Royal Enfield – Bullet Classic 500 with the Classic Motor Works – Type 2 windshield.– C. Gullage*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  9. J. Seals

    I just installed your Micro Swirl edging on a National Cycle aftermarket Windscreen for my 2009 Suzuki 1250 Bandit. It works fantastic! I’m a taller rider at 6 foot 2 inches and the windscreen, although better than the stock one, resulted in a lot of wind noise right at the front of my helmet. But your edging solved that problem. Now on shorter trips, like commuting, I no longer wear ear plugs. It’s made a huge difference in my riding comfort. It’s a great product! – J. Seals*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  10. J. Bass

    I just wanted to tell you that you’ve got a great product. I recently added edging to the windshield on my Kawasaki. I immediately felt and enjoyed the reduction in buffeting while riding, but I was shocked to see that I’m getting five more mpg!!! Keep up the good work. – J. Bass*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  11. Dennis Kisiel

    Chuck, It is doing exactly as intended. Quieter pocket of air than my BMW R1200ST or R1100RS.
    Very happy with product and Chuck’s expertise. Chuck could not have been more professional.

    Dennis Kisiel
    (Ridin’ for 55 years plus!)*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  12. Brian Briggs (verified owner)

    I have been using SAENG edging for some 20 years on 3 different motorcycles. It allows me to run a smaller windshield and have complete wind protection at speed when I need it the most. It is a very effective air dam that is easy to install.

    • CSadmin (store manager)

      Thanks very much Brian! It has been a real pleasure serving so many dedicated riders such as yourself.

      Ride safe,
      Chuck Saunders

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