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airLift™ edging

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defining rider comfort

Everyone wants a great ride, but what does that mean?  For many, it is a quiet and smooth air pocket … One without wind noise, buffeting, and shake.  While for others, it’s a ride so comfortable and fun that one doesn’t want it to end.  airLift™ edging, an unobtrusive motorcycle wind deflector, delivers this oasis in the storm.  The new airLift™ is our 4th generation of noise, turbulence, and road-spray busting windshield edging.  

Saeng edging gives you a smooth, quiet, and better ride by reducing wind noise and turbulence.  Though comfort is essential, it is not the whole story since reducing wind noise and fatigue is important, too.  airLift™ edging calms the air pocket, which helps prevent hearing loss and fatigue on longer rides.  This unique shield edging makes Micro-Swirls™, reducing capsule friction, turbulence, buffeting, and… noise.  These benefits make it an effective alternative to costly shields.

Moreover, airLift™ is a great value and often more effective than taller shields.  Better yet, airLift™ edging can be removed and used on your next windshield.  Eliminate helmet shake, wind-roar, and bug/rain spray with one easy to install product that adds a rich, lustrous look to your bike.

the world over

Proven to deliver a smooth and quiet air pocket by riders worldwide, from adventure touring the Autobahn to V-Rod cruising American back-roads, the solution to motorcycle air pocket wind-noise and head-shaking turbulence is airLift™ edging.  To better understand how it works, visit our air management blog.  So, whether you are looking for Street Glide wind deflectors or defectors for a bug screen, airLift edging gives your shield the needed boost and a rich dark edge.   


press on and ride

Installation is simple – slip it on, and you’re ready.  airLift windshield edging presses on, making it the fastest, easiest way to get a quiet, smooth air pocket and kill motorcycle air pocket wind noise and helmet shake.  airlift™ edging fits from 1/8″ to 1/4″ shields and will not fade, crack, or lose its rich dark luster. 

Please note that mounting the edging on a beaded-edge shield can be challenging.  For these applications, we recommend heating the edging in the sun or soaking it in hot, soapy water before installation.  See Victor Mudrack’s statement in the reviews below and the information on the FAQ tab above.  Money-back guarantee.

endurance above and beyond

airLift™ edging never loses its deep, dark, rich look; furthermore, it never cracks or becomes brittle.  This is nice to know should you sell your bike… You may want to hold on to this compact motorcycle wind deflector for the new steed in your garage.  Experience the durability and performance edge, proudly made in America.  So, if you’re tired of being tossed around by the wind every time you hit the road, give airLift™ edging a try.  You may never want to ride without it again.


See the FAQ or Video tabs above for easy ways to measure your shied for airLift™ edging.   

Mount Up -Let’s Ride™

  • How much edging do I need

    The edging length needed depends on the amount of  protection needed. Most riders want the best capsule possible under all wind conditions.  To do this it it best to run the edging down the sides as far as possible. This extra coverage helps keep the capsule comfortable in cross winds and dryer while riding in the rain. Besides this, it also looks more finished. Tip: Never stop at a corner… for grip strength the edging needs at least 4 inches (10 cm) of relatively straight area when ending.  Here is a video to help.

    Edging length All the way around

  • Do Motorcycle Wind Deflectors Work?
    Its all about the air.

    Do Motorcycle Wind Deflectors Work?  The short answer is Yes. Some deflectors come with the bike while other are built into replacement shields or clip on.  The deflectors most people think of are an adjustable foil or wing located along the top of the shield.  They can boost a lot of air by combining deflection and induction technologies.  The benefits can be significant with the down side of cluttering what was a clean looking shield.  Regardless the plus to minus playoff often favors the deflector. 

    Is it good enough?

    All is well that ends well but sometimes deflection systems just doesn’t have enough oomph.  There is an other deflector in town and its name is airLift edging and trim.  Even better, you can utilize this type of deflector independently or as a booster for a regular deflector.

    One can attach airLift trim to the trailing edge of a deflector, or add it to the sides of a shield or lowers. On the other hand airLift edging slips on the trailing edge of a shield.  The real question is what is the best deflector or combination of deflectors for your needs? The answer to that question depends on how much boost you need. If you need a few more inches or just to smooth the air pocket then airLift edging or trim may be your answer. If you need a lot of boost start with a deflector then, as they say in the flight manual, add trim as needed. 

    A deflector’s deflector.

    airLift edging and trim use a completely different technology called micro-swirl generation.  Micro-Swirl generators boost the size and calm the pocket by making a buffer layer that keeps the outer and inner air flows from bumping into against each other. This flow conflict is one of the main sources of buffeting. The question arises which technology is better induction/deflection or micor-swirl buffering and are these two technologies compatible? The answer to the first half depends on the degree of deflection needed  can airLift trim  

    Can we enhance the effectiveness of motorcycle wind deflectors? The answer to that, thanks to airLift trim, is yes.  We encourage you to learn more about air management.
    Do motorcycle wind deflectors work yes especially with airlift trim

  • A clear airLift™ edging?

    The short answer is no.  We don’t and won’t make a clear airLift edging.  The reasons are many.  UV radiation from sunlight cracks and discolors the flexible material used in a clear edging. Worst of all, a clear edging would damage clear windshields. The problem is caused by polymer migration.  If you are so inclined, here is some good information on the subject. 

    airLift ™ edging and trim are both made from an aerospace material. Chemically compatible with all shields, its also UV, oil and solvent resistant. Plus it stays flexible for decades and even at 30 below zero.  airLift™ edging never loses its deep, dark, rich look; furthermore, it never cracks or becomes brittle.… close to indestructible.  A clear airlift edging would be just the opposite and would turn an ugly yellow in no time at all.

    airLift edging part of our advanced touring products

  • How do I determine edging length?

    The process to determine edging length is easy. What is important is not to accidentally scratch the windshield with a metal tape rule. A great alternative is to use a soft cloth or fiberglass tape measuring rule since they will contour to the curves or folds of the shield. 

    Don’t worry if you only have a steel rule for there is an easy work around.  This option is not only quick and easy but it is also the most accurate way to determine the edging length. All you need is some tape.

    1. Apply the tape to the shield’s edge. 
    2. Mark or cut the tape at the desired start and stop points.
    3. Remove the tape.
    4. Lay the tape in a straight line.
    5. Measure, rounding up to the nearest foot or ½ foot.

    For the most comfort, especially in cross winds, and best aesthetics go end-to-end. Tip: When determining edging length never stop at a corner… for grip strength the edging needs at least 4 inches (10 cm) of relatively straight area when ending.  Here is a video to help.

    determine edging length

  • How does airLift™ edging attach?

    airLift slips on and clips on to attach tightly to the windshield’s edge.  Every foot of the soft edging material contains dozens of embedded aluminum compression clips. There are two things that make the airLift attach with such a strong grip.  The first is Its soft body.  And the second is the series of malleable aluminum clips inside the edging. These clips never touch the shield and run the entire length. The spacing between them allows the edging to follow the curve of the shield, even around complex corners. So the edging slip on and clips on to virtually any shield or windshield. 

    The edging has been used on thousands of motorcycle shields around the world. Despite the worst conditions, it remarkably boasts an astonishing track record of endurance and exceptional hold.  As fantastic as it is, the airLift edging was engineered for one specific job… Provide a comfortable air pocket.  What is inside the edging is only part of the story.  The other part is why we developed such a product. This might interest you if you would like to know more about the challenges of this part of the story.  In short slips on airLift edging and let’s ride.

    airlift slip on and clips on attach

  • slip-on to clip on wind motorcycle deflector
  • attaches in minutes
  • durable, won’t fade, crack or become brittle with age 
  • can often be moved from shield to shield
5 out of 5

I used Saeng edging on the Rifle fairing on my R65 & on my 650 V-Strom (custom Cal-Si shield). Initially, I thought it was ok, but nothing special. Then, after two weeks, took it off & went for a ride. Good grief... I cut the ride short so I could put it back on! Excellent product!

Michael Herbert

Thank you Jason... much appreciated. When one is careful the Edging will hold up bike after bike. Chuck

5 out of 5

The Gen 4 Micro swirl edging works perfectly on the Rifle windshield on my 87 Concours . I recently installed a much shorter shield and attached my existing piece . It puts the airflow right about where I need it .

Jason Langmead
5 out of 5

Hi Chuck. I have done a couple of hundred miles with the edging now and all is good. I certainly don’t have any problem with turbulence that you said may be a problem with the flip-up screen. The edging has cured a peculiar trait of the Triumph 1200 Explorer screen as I thought it would and that’s why I made the purchase. The screen is ‘waisted’ about half-way up it’s length and, in heavy rain, a stream of water ran of the screen at the waisting point straight into my face! Your edging has prevented that and the rain now goes somewhere else, I know not where! Thanks for the edging and stay safe.

John Murphy

These are great comments Vic. You are, at least to my knowledge, the first to successfully mount the edging over a beaded edge! We used to suggest hot soapy water for difficult applications but a little patience and good old sunlight just might work better. Take care, ride safe and stay well, Chuck Saunders

4 out of 5

The original piece I ordered was for my BMW. I was unhappy that it was "bridging" across the top from corner to corner, rather than holding tight to the concave dip atop the screen. Knowing what I know NOW, I would've left it hanging in the direct morning sun to soften-up BEFORE installing it. (what I just now did with this most recent piece for my Honda). So, I took it off. Then, a brainstorm. Although the TMAX has a fat beaded edge, damned if it didn't snap right down onto that screen with the ball-peen hammer encouragement as you outline on the site. Works great! So, you MIGHT want to consider stating that it might, in fact, be compatible with some beaded edges. Just a thought.... Thanks, Vic

Victor Mudrack
5 out of 5

Received my edging by mail very rapidly and fitted it soon after. I was pleasantly suprised how easy it was to fit, after some doubt about which way round was correct, and it looks good. It stays on too even at speed! It certainly works at reducing turbulence and is much less intrusive in vision than the alternative deflector I had fitted. I ride 20,000 miles a year and on-bike comfort is very important.

John Murphy
5 out of 5

The edging on the motorcycle eliminated the wind buffeting I used to get on the top of my helmet. In the rain, the water now doesn’t run up over the top edge and then down the inside of the windshield obscuring my vision. Likewise in the sidecar in the rain, the water doesn’t run up over the edge and drip down on to the seat and my wife’s lap. – T. Stueve, Gold Wing Road Riders* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

T. Stueve
3 out of 5

Edging has made my Buell S-2T tourable. It has raised the wind and bug line on my jacket from mid-chest to top of shoulders. A simple accessory for a lot of comfort at higher speeds. – B. Burns* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

B. Burns
5 out of 5

Just rec’d the Stealth Edging and Night-Cutters™. Mounted them on my Valkyrie Tourer. Superb product, excellent results. I’m 6’6” and was going to have to purchase a taller windshield – not any longer. The stock Hondaline windshield is PERFECT with your edging!! The lights mounted without hassle on the Cobra light bar and really do the job. I ride safer at night because I can clearly view both sides of the roadway. Get comments on how well they look too! I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again for great service and superb products. – G. Gotzinger* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

G. Gotzinger
5 out of 5

I just returned from a 600 mile trip in the mountains of Arizona, and I must say, it was the quietest 600 miles I have put in since I have been riding motorcycles. Your Winglets and Stealth Edging WORK! It’s so great to hear the “whisper of the wind,” rather than the usual constant roar I’ve had to contend with all these years. – H., Arizona* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

5 out of 5

I just recently added your edging and was pleasantly surprised at the results on my Honda ST1300. I can lower the electric windshield all the way down, get a little air to keep me cool, and yet there is no turbulence. It is eerie smooth. If I raise the windshield another inch, still well below my line of sight, virtually all noise goes away. I spent a whole lot more money on a _ _ windshield, but if I had known about your product before, I could have saved a lot of money. – D. Chance* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

D. Chance
5 out of 5

Just wanted to thank you guys for an excellent product! I am a new rider and after trying the tall Wunderlich, (didn’t like looking through it,) then the short Wunderlich, (the wind was a bit much and I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks…), I discovered the microswirl edging. It made a huge difference helping to cut the wind on my trip from Fairbanks, AK to Helena, MT, to Bellingham WA, to Haines and Haines Junction, AK and then back home to Fairbanks. I have recommended it to several other riders. Thanks for a great product! – A. Huddy* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

A. Huddy
5 out of 5

The installation took about 5 minutes and a few whacks with a soft piece of wood. Once I was satisfied with the installation I trimmed off the bottom ends of the edging to match the contours of the windshield. Before the installation of the Micro-Swirl Edging the slipstream/wind-blast over the windshield was severe and the sound level was deafening, even with my helmet visor down. When I completed the installation I went for a test cruise with a maximum speed of 45 MPH. The slipstream seemed to have moved up a few inches and the velocity decreased significantly. Also, the noise level dropped an estimated 80 – 90%. My friend also took the bike out for a test ride and was amazed at the positive results. Your product works as advertised and my problem seems to be solved; I’m a happy customer. 2006 Royal Enfield – Bullet Classic 500 with the Classic Motor Works – Type 2 windshield.– C. Gullage* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

C. Gullage
5 out of 5

I just installed your Micro Swirl edging on a National Cycle aftermarket Windscreen for my 2009 Suzuki 1250 Bandit. It works fantastic! I’m a taller rider at 6 foot 2 inches and the windscreen, although better than the stock one, resulted in a lot of wind noise right at the front of my helmet. But your edging solved that problem. Now on shorter trips, like commuting, I no longer wear ear plugs. It’s made a huge difference in my riding comfort. It’s a great product! – J. Seals* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

J. Seals
5 out of 5

I just wanted to tell you that you've got a great product. I recently added edging to the windshield on my Kawasaki. I immediately felt and enjoyed the reduction in buffeting while riding, but I was shocked to see that I'm getting five more mpg!!! Keep up the good work. - J. Bass* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

J. Bass
5 out of 5

Chuck, It is doing exactly as intended. Quieter pocket of air than my BMW R1200ST or R1100RS. Very happy with product and Chuck's expertise. Chuck could not have been more professional. Dennis Kisiel (Ridin' for 55 years plus!)* *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

Dennis Kisiel

Thanks very much Brian! It has been a real pleasure serving so many dedicated riders such as yourself. Ride safe, Chuck Saunders

5 out of 5

I have been using SAENG edging for some 20 years on 3 different motorcycles. It allows me to run a smaller windshield and have complete wind protection at speed when I need it the most. It is a very effective air dam that is easy to install.

Brian Briggs

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