Micro-Swirl™ Edging


Gen-4™ is the most advanced Micro-Swirl™ generator made. With over 13% more generation surface and better conformity this edging is the easiest way to reduce wind noise and turbulence.

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Saeng’s new Generation 4 Micro-Swirls™ is here! The Gen-4 has 1 primary and 4 secondary generators. These generators produce Micro-Swirls™ air bearings which reduce air-stream to capsule friction… smoothing, stabilizing and enlarging the capsule for a more comfortable ride. Other benefits are elimination of helmet shake, wind-roar and bug and rain spray coming off the edge of the shield.

Micro-Swirl Gen-4 Edging™ presses on 1/8″-1/4″ shield & holds tight. A fast, easy way to gain touring comfort. Compatible with all shield materials, will not fade, crack or lose rich luster. Not for beaded-edge shields. Money-back guarantee details on Services – Policies page.

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