Quick-Scan™/Shield Grade 2


With easy no-holes peel-n-stick mounting, These shield mounts are by far our most popular blind-spot mirrors. Grade-2 systems have minor flaws on the mirrors. These flaws are superficial blemishes which happened during shipping or manufacturing.  Money back guarantee still applies.


Tape Mounted Blind Spot Mirrors for shields

Shield mounted Quick-Scan™ systems are by far our most popular wide-angle blind-spot mirrors.  The Quick-Scan™ / Shield-Touring motorcycle windshield blind spot mirrors mount to touring and sport touring fairings and windshields while the Shield-Sport mirrors are used on shields which slope back more radically than their touring counterparts. Both types are generally attached high and towards the to keep eye scan distance to a minimum.  Easy no-holes peel-n-stick mounting. Grade 2 mirrors have either a minor flaw in the mirror that occurred  during production or shipment from the manufacturer. Any such flaw will only be perceivable under close inspection and should not be noticeable while riding.  Money back guarantee.  Money back guarantee. Note: A quantity of 1 =  a left/right pair.

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