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With easy no-holes peel-n-stick mounting, these windshield mounted blind spot mirrors for motorcycles are by far our most popular blind-spot mirrors.



Tape Mounted Blind Spot Mirrors for shields

Shield mounted Quick-Scan™ systems are by far our most popular wide-angle blind-spot mirrors.  The Quick-Scan™  /  Shield-Touring mirrors mount to touring and sport touring fairings and windshields while the Shield-Sport mirrors are used on shields which slope back more radically than their touring counterparts.  Both types are generally attached high and towards the to keep eye scan distance to a minimum.  Easy no-holes peel-n-stick mounting. Money back guarantee. Note: A quantity of 1 =  a left/right pair.

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  1. Capt. Doron Grudo (verified owner)

    I am buying now the fifth (5) set of the Quick Scan mirrors. It started after a serious wreck on my 05 BMW R1200RT which totaled the bike and sent me to the hospital. I was trying to change lanes into a lane that seemed empty – but was not. A Mercedes Benz desired that lane at the same time. It was a clear case of a “blind spot”.
    As a retired Merchant Marine Captain, for me safety is foremost. While my present bike (2015 BMW R1200RT) is faster than a huge container ship, it is also more vulnerable.
    My, newly restored, 2002 K1200LT is getting a set too.

    The levels of SAFETY, confidence, general ease of mind, and comfort, are unparalleled.

    During the many years of riding with these marvels, I contacted the owner of the Saeng for some relatively minor issue. It was a pleasure on both personal and technical levels. Customer service and appreciation were of the highest order.

    If in doubt, find a busy overpass in your town, step on it and look down at the busy, tired, and stressed fast moving drivers. Then go and get a pair of these babies.

    • Chuck Saunders (verified owner)

      Thanks so much for the kind comments Capt. Grudo. It is an honor to be of service and we look forward to you being onboard as we innovate new designs.
      Ride safe,

  2. Scott T. McBride (verified owner)

    I need great mirrors on my Can Am Spyder F3-S Daytona because of a disc fusion I had back in 93′. My head rotation right to left is severely limited. In my Rav4, I have one of those 24″ wide mirrors attached to stock mirror so I can change lanes safely. When I purchased my Spyder, I was always very apprehensive changing lanes so I was looking into adding to my stock mirrors. I initially added these wide angle mirrors that are made to perfectly fit over the stock mirrors and attach with 3M VHB tape. They helped but they were not enough so I ended up buying a $60 RiderScan mirror on Amazon. That mirror is wide angle and attaches to the high point on the center of my wind screen. That mirror helped but it only shows vehicles almost immediately on your right and left. It does not help for traffic that is back more than a car length. It help with my safety but it fell short of my desires for better mirrors. I then saw a picture of a sport bike with Quick-Scan mirrors and they really intrigued me. The owner couldn’t say enough good things about them. I called Saeng and spoke to a REAL person and he was incredibly nice and provided great information. He said that they had a 30 day trial and they would give me a no hassle refund if I didn’t like the mirrors for any reason. He did say that if I did return them that they would appreciate hearing any comments I might have about the mirrors. When a company stands behind a product, it definitely makes a difference to me. I ordered a set of mirrors for a cruiser bike and they arrived very quickly. I installed them and they were amazing. They are like smaller versions of the RiderScan mirror but since they hang off the side of my wind screen, I can see anything along side me or 10 car lengths back. These mirror are small and don’t stand out so no worries ruining the look of your ride. These mirrors were exactly what I wanted. They were pricey but the level of safety they provide and the lack of anxiety I have in traffic is worth every penny. I spent $999 on a muffler for my Spyder and it hurt to pay that price but every time I ride, every time I lay on the throttle, I absolutely love it! With these mirrors, they make every minute of every ride more enjoyable for me, not even to mention being safer on the road. I highly recommend these mirrors, try them and you’ll agree too. If you don’t like them, you can always return them hassle free.

  3. R. Shortley (verified owner)

    I have now purchased two sets of you Quick-Scan mirrors; one for my Subaru Outback Wagon and one for my Yamaha Majesty 400… The product does everything your web site claims, and perhaps a bit more. The blind spots are eliminated, and they give an enhanced view from the ground up to aid in backing the vehicle in close quarters… these products definitely are doing the job for me and are worth the extra expense. – R. Shortley,*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  4. R. Blair (verified owner)

    Your product is FANTASTIC and people are always wanting to know how well they work. They always get my full endorsement and told I would not enjoy riding without them. – R. Blair*

    *Originally posted on previous Saeng site.

  5. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “Wanted to give you some very positive feedback on the mirrors – the top down Q mount for the BMW K1600 GTL.They mount perfectly, easily. Once adjusted, give you the perfect blind spot view. I really like that they sit in tight on the bar and DON”T stick out. My stock mirrors really do give you a great rear view, but having these for the blind spot + is perfect. Again, excellent quality, service and communication. Pleasure to continue to do business with you.” – C. McAloose, PA

  6. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “Shield-PC mirrors allow me to quickly scan for traffic prior to changing or entering a traffic lane. I check my stock side view mirror, turn my head to check the lane I’m entering, and as I look ahead I view the quick scan mirror to make sure the lane is still clear. I have found this allows me to reduce the amount of time I spend looking to the rear or turning my head to the side and allows me to concentrate more time on the traffic ahead. This has made me feel much safer in commute traffic moving along at 75 plus mph. The mirrors are very clear at all speeds up to 90 mph. Can’t say beyond that speed.” – R. Webster, California

  7. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “Received my order within 4 days from date of order. The Saeng mirrors installed quite easily. …adjusted the mirrors and then tried them out on the highway at speeds up to 85 mph (just keeping up with the California flow of traffic). The mirrors are perfect, no distortion. I’m very pleased with the product. I think they blend in well with the ST1300 and are in a perfect spot with the windshield up or down.” – R. Webster, California

  8. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “Works wonderfully on my BMW R1200RT. Once you ride with them, you don’t want to do without them. Have been buying your products since 1985.” – L. Sherrill, Texas

  9. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “Shipped May 22 and item arrived this morning, (May 28) and I have already installed them on my Suzuki Burgman AN650. Very practical and very good view. Thank you very much for your product and superfast shipping!!! I will recommend your business to friends and family!” – J Declerck, Belgium

  10. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “I have now purchased two sets of you Quick-Scan mirrors; one for my Subaru Outback Wagon and one for my Yamaha Majesty 400… The product does everything your web site claims, and perhaps a bit more. The blind spots are eliminated, and they give an enhanced view from the ground up to aid in backing the vehicle in close quarters… these products definitely are doing the job for me and are worth the extra expense.” – R. Shortley, Iowa

  11. Sadmin (verified owner)

    “I installed them today and took a ride to get used to them earlier this evening. I love the mirrors, don’t know how I lived without them, and have no negatives whatsoever about the mounting… Thank goodness I got these before something came out of that blind spot and got me! This is a fine, ultra-cool product that adds to the looks of my ST1300. I send you my very best regards,” – R. Potter, Florida

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  • (D) Can the base units be permanently removed?

    Yes… base units (the part attached to the vehicle) are tape mounted and can be removed. It is best to do this when they are warm. Park in the sun or lightly preheat them with a hairdryer. When the bases are warm, peel them off by starting at a corner. If you must use a tool to start peeling an edged, use a smooth edged tool and be careful not to scratch the vehicle. Replacement bases are available for remounting and are listed in the “Options and Parts” link. The tape is applied here at the factory using a special tape enhancer and is sold only as a taped base set.

  • (C) What is the best location for Quick-Scans™ mirrors?

    There are three primary scan zones. 1.) The horizontal traffic scan includes oncoming side and rear traffic. 2.) Rear view mirror scan zone. 3.) The instrument scan zone.

    For motorcycles, mounting the mirrors high on a tall shield reinforces the zone 1 scan… shorter shields have less advantage. A good rule of thumb is to use zones 2 and 3 as needed and keep as much attention as possible on closing traffic from all directions.  Mounting in zone 2 has an advantage by clustering the Quick-Scan close to, but not overlapping, the primary mirrors. Note: Your eye focus/cognition point is only a target about the size of a 50 cent piece at arms length. The eye’s focus/cognition point darts from target to targets as it feeds information to the brain. Double cross-checks are very efficient for both zone 1 and 2.  A double cross-check goes like this… Your eye targets the Quick-Scan then the main mirror and finally back to the Quick-Scan. Remember this technique is only as good as your mental focus is… you can look at a mirror and not see a dangerous target. Being aware of eye movement and the eyes focus zone can help you develop better driving habits. Remember both Quick-Scans™ and OEM mirror are important safety tools.

  • (B) Can Quick-Scans™ replace my OEM mirrors?

    No. Quick-Scan™ wide angle mirrors should be used to supplement, not replace, your factory mirrors.

  • (A) How large are the Quick-Scan™ Mirrors?

    The mirror/housing assembly is 94.7mm (3.73 inch) wide, 61mm (2.4 inch) tall and 42mm (1.65 inch) thick. The viewing area is 80mm (3.15 inch) wide x 50mm (1.97 inch) tall. The mirror assembly weighs 2.2 ounces which includes the attachment socket.