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How an elusive goal produced a superior product.

Cause and Affect
The dance to formula perfection

The can-do project started in late 1989 a few years after I started manufacturing my first product, the Pilot fairing. The Pilot fairing was deep-formed akin to aircraft canopies, yet lacked scratch resistance. To maintain a scratch-free shield, I sought a non-abrasive aerosol polish. It should combine ease of application with a blend of distillates and synthetic lubricants to remove bugs and road film without water or soap. Ultimately, it must clean without scratching and provide a durable protective finish. Despite the availability of detailing aerosols, they failed to provide the desired level of protection and a long-lasting shine. In essence, my goal was to create the ultimate aerosol polish.

The Dance Begins

Finally, I found a company willing to work with me on developing this hybrid polish. We first blended synthetic polish with distillates and water and the first test sample was produced in 03-15-1990. 

These first formulas were superb at cleaning and surface protection, but attracted dust. After testing over 16 variations, we finally found a synthetic polish that safeguarded against scratches without leaving a dust-attracting film. The down side was that this blend fell short on leaving a tough durable finish… the synthetics literally burn off in days.  What we needed was an ingredient that would leave a tough durable premium past wax shine without all the work.

Carnauba Palm photograph by Amanda Elwell
The Final Steps

There is such an ingredient and it is called carnauba wax.  We knew by blending  it with antioxidants the carnauba would leave a tough past wax finish without going through the hazing phase. 

In our quest for the best aerosol polish formula, we pushed the limits of how much carnauba could be added, resulting in Formula Test #26 created on 07-01-1991. Enriched with maximum carnauba wax content, this formula offers versatility as a detailer and cleaner. Plus, it offers a tough, durable, and exceptional finish.
Can-Do™ lives up to its name and thanks to its lineage is an effective and efficient tool for keeping your craft, including those with a canopy, sparkling clean.


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