The Can-Do™ Project

The project started when I manufactured a clear fairing.  It was deep formed and like aircraft canopies was not scratch resistant.  I wanted the ease of an aerosol, with cleaning agents to power through bugs and road film without soap and water while leaving a tough protective finish. Aerosols for detailing already existed and, for the most part, were pretty good. But none of them offered the protection I wanted nor did they leave a tough durable shine.

After contacting several aerosol companies, I finally found one willing to work with me to develop this hybrid car spray wax polish. We first blended synthetic polish with distillates and water.  The combination cleaned beautifully, protected the surface being polished but these early formulas attracted dust. The culprit was the synthetic polish and we tried over 16 formulas before we found a synthetic that protected the surface from scratching without leaving a dust attracting film. The down side was that this blend fell short on leaving a tough durable finish… the synthetics literally burn off in days.  What we needed was an ingredient that would leave a tough durable premium past wax shine without all the work.

There was such an ingredient and it is called carnauba wax.  We knew if blended with antioxidants the carnauba would leave a tough past wax finish without going through the tedious hazing phase. There was one drawback… it’s expensive.  Regardless we wanted this formula to be the best so we began testing how much carnauba could the formula handle before “kicking out” (chem-e talk for separating back into its original components). The result is a formula loaded with as much carnauba wax as possible. A formula that can be used as a detailer, a cleaner and a superb polish. Can-Do™ lives up to its name.